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TMCNet:  AV Integration Provider, IVCi, Explains Why It's Important to Keep Your AV Tech Up to Date

[September 27, 2019]

AV Integration Provider, IVCi, Explains Why It's Important to Keep Your AV Tech Up to Date

HAUPPAUGE, N.Y., Sept. 27, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Having outdated technology has a series of bad effects on an office, affecting everything from productivity to brand image. However, there are a lot of other, more crucial reasons why keeping your tech up with the modern days is a necessity. AV integration provider, IVCi, explains why it's important to keep your AV tech up to date. Discover why below.

Old hardware may not be able to house new software. For the best performance of any software your company utilizes on a daily basis, updates are an essential piece of ensuring your software is running smoothly and is dutifully protected against viruses or other cyber-attacks. However, the older your hardware is, the more difficult it can be to upgrade software to a more efficient version. If a software update with some really important functional and security features is released and it's no longer compatible with your computers, then you're leaving your business at a disadvantage in the market. Your employees will be stuck using an older, less efficient version of software, while everyone else speeds on ahead.

Ensure your systems are uniform and compatible with one another. Many companies have another problem: some departments, like design-heavy marketing, may have the most updated systems and new hardware to go wth it, while others, like more traditional HR or accounting, are equipped with only the most basic software, and in turn the most basic hardware, to complete their jobs. The problem with this is there lacks cross-functional capabilities between departments, potentially leading to inefficiencies and serious communication issues. Ensuring your entire company has the same hardware, alongside the same updated software, will allow everyone inside the company to communicate and collaborate more effectively.

Keep employees and system users up to date with skills to use today's equipment. If your employees are using outdated technology, you're limiting them to accomplishing outdated solutions. Slower and older tech can be crushing the progress of your company, and in this fast-paced technology driven world, that can be critical. By keeping older technology, your competitors with the newest stuff can fly past you in innovation, collaboration, and eventually, revenue and results. Keeping your systems up-to-date, along with your employees' knowledge of those systems, will give them the power to forge your business ahead, instead of being stuck in one place.

Keeping your AV tech up-to-date is one of the most crucial parts of running a business. Don't put yourself and your employees at an automatic disadvantage because of the technology you're working with. Update, update, update, so you can release any technological set-backs and start moving forward.

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