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TMCNet:  New Web-based Management Portal for Teletics W*intercom™ Wireless VoIP & PA System

[September 26, 2019]

New Web-based Management Portal for Teletics W*intercom™ Wireless VoIP & PA System

CALGARY, Alberta, Sept. 26, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Teletics, a market leading manufacturer of wireless systems for harsh environments has today announced the general availability of Harness™, a new web-based management portal for the W*intercom™ wireless VoIP & PA system.

Harness™ is used to remotely manage the Teletics W*intercom™ which is a wireless VoIP and public address system used in harsh environments where wired phones and wired PA systems cannot be used. W*intercom is in extensive use in the oil and gas industry on oil rigs that operate in remote locations.

The Harness™ w*intercom Management Portal simplifies deployment, monitoring and management of the distributed w*intercom network. It allows the management of all deployed W*intercoms from anywhere using the intuitive web interface, which works from any web browser on any device.

"Our resellers will love Harness because it allows them to do a better job but with less effort," says Eric Larson, Vice President of Teletics. "Harness™ lets Teletics resellers remotely manage multiple w*intercom sites from a single portal, from any location. Technicians can do so much remotely: they can remotely change configurations, update the firmware, re-start the device and more."

Resellers will appreciate that they can significantly reduce site visits by proactively monitoring the W*intercom™ system health. Create e-mail alerts so you know immediately when something has changed that might mean the system is not working or even if they device has been moved, which happens sometimes when a company moves offsite.

Teletics' prodcts are used in some of the most environmentally demanding situations on earth. W*intercom™, ZipLine™, and Airborne™ are used throughout the world in harsh environments including oil and gas drilling operations, fuel sites, electrical and gas utilities, mines and chemical plants.

"Our resellers use the Teletics w*intercom combined with the inbound LTE or satellite signal to offer customers on site unlimited long distance, direct inbound dialing, call forwarding, conference calling, and a full featured PBX," says Mr. Larson. "They use the w*intercom to connect provide VoIP phone services on the site, connecting the rig to a trailer or any other location on site that needs a phone and they use it for the loud PA. Technicians have been using the Harness web portal to manage the w*intercoms in their networks and it's saved them a lot of time and work."

Harness™ allows proactive and remote system health monitoring which reduces field service calls.  Email alerts can be triggered to warn you of changes, for example, if one of your W*intercoms™ disappears from the network, indicating possibly that the device has lost power, or it has been moved offsite. Eliminate a field call by taking control: identify the issue and fix it remotely, before anyone notices the W*intercom™ was offline. Remotely update dial plans without going to the site.

Additionally, Harness™ allows the w*intercom to be remotely rebooted at any remote site and remotely update firmware. Harness™ is set up in a hierarchy so the Network Administrator can see all sites while Regional Managers can see only their region. Learn more about Harness™ on the Teletics website, www.teletics.com.

About Teletics

Teletics manufactures high reliability voice, paging, and data communications products designed to work in extremely demanding industrial sites, such as in a chemical plants, drilling rigs, electrical substations, or other industrial environments that require certification for presence of explosive gasses and high degree of resistance to exposure to chemical contaminants or corrosion. We design our products to be easy to use and deploy and to just simply work.

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Eric Larson

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