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TMCNet:  Cloud Video Conferencing Service Provider, IVCi, Discusses the Benefits of SoundScaping in Healthcare

[August 14, 2019]

Cloud Video Conferencing Service Provider, IVCi, Discusses the Benefits of SoundScaping in Healthcare

HAUPPAUGE, N.Y., Aug. 14, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- While architects put extensive thought in the physical environment of healthcare facilities, accounting for what the eyes will be seeing in terms of color, light, layout, and aesthetics, another major sense is often left out of the planning process: sound. While we may not always be paying attention to how sounds around us make us feel, one's soundscape can have an immense effect on our health and mental well-being. Controlling the soundscape of a hospital or clinic can have a huge impact not only on the patients, but on the healthcare workers inside of the space as well. Cloud video conferencing service provider, IVCi, discusses the benefits of SoundScaping in healthcare facilities below.

  • Relieves stress: Sound inside of a healthcare space is often limited to the hustle and bustle of patients and doctors, accompanied by an unsettling silence that can lead to increased levels of anxiety and stress. SoundScaping allows healthcare spaces to capitalize on the beneficial effects of sound, soothing music or sounds of nature to cultivate a more positive experience, hile reducing negative ambient noise of conversations and regular hospital sounds. Transforming these sounds with technology has shown great potential in relieving stress and anxiety levels of patients and employees alike by bringing feelings of comfort and security, two important factors in creating a positive patient experience inside a healthcare space.
  • Improved patient care: Alongside the benefits for patient stress levels, SoundScaping in healthcare can also have a significant impact on improving patient care. Incorporating soothing music and nature sounds into a workplace have been shown to improve cognitive performance, enhance critical problem-solving skills, and keep listeners steered away from mental fatigue. Keeping workplace energy up and mental states positive helps lead to better overall care for those relying on nurses and doctors daily.
  • Improved collaboration between doctors, nurses, and specialists: Healthcare spaces are busy workplaces with doctors, nurses, and specialists all working together under one roof to provide quality healthcare to hundreds of patients a day. Collaboration between all parties is essential to running an efficient and effective healthcare facility. While lots of ambient noise and distracting sounds can increase stress levels and discourage collaboration between healthcare workers, using SoundScaping to your space's advantage can do the opposite, encouraging collaboration and focus between all parties instead.

SoundScaping can have numerous benefits in healthcare spaces, as displayed by the points above. Find out how to incorporate SoundScaping into your healthcare facility today to experience these benefits yourself.

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