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TMCNet:  Audio Visual Solutions Provider, IVCi, Discusses How AV Technology Can Improve Your Bottom Line

[August 08, 2019]

Audio Visual Solutions Provider, IVCi, Discusses How AV Technology Can Improve Your Bottom Line

HAUPPAUGE, N.Y., Aug. 8, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- AV technology can be a positive tool for nearly every aspect of the workplace, but it can play an especially important part in your business's bottom line. Ensuring that employees have the right tools to communicate and collaborate with one another brings many benefits to the workplace and empowers your employees to experience an increase in their own productivity in the office. Audio visual solutions provider, IVCi, discusses how AV technology can improve your business's bottom line. Read on below for more information.

  • Ability to integrate: Improving your business's integration is the key to improving your company's bottom line. This can be done by integrating the AV technology your business utilizes not only with clients and customers, but with employees as well. Having an integrated AV system allows employees to effectively communicate essential messages to one another, with the additional benefit of standardizing training for new employees. AV integration allows training to be done swiftly and efficiently, while also teaching new employees how to use the integration to their greatest advantage in the workplace.
  • Fosters collaboration: Many modern workplaces are spread around counries, creating a workplace community that spans the lengths of the globe. Without AV technology, these employees may feel as distant from one another in the workplace as they are physically, which can wreak havoc on team projects and initiatives that span various offices. AV technology, when integrated efficiently into every office space, allows for these employees to cooperate more often and in a more personal way, fostering opportunities for improved work connections and higher collaboration between domestic and international office employees. This online collaboration reduces the need to pay for the travel and hosting of employees going to different offices for various meetings, an expensive and inefficient cost on company time and money.  
  • Streamlines work and connects remote employees: Remote employees are a key part of many business workforces, but their separation from a physical office space can hinder their ability to cultivate quality work connections with coworkers and higher ups. Standardized AV technology in the office space allows remote employees to feel as though they are in the room during a conference and fully connected with workplace happenings by being active in workplace chat rooms. In addition to the benefits for remote employees, all employees can benefit from the streamlining of work; AV technology allows workflow to happen at a faster, more efficient pace, as coworkers can continuously meet, collaborate, and discuss projects in real time utilizing video conference calls, interactive documents, and chat rooms. The streamlined work process increases all employee productivity, while feelings of increased involvement in the workplace help the remote employee's productivity. In both cases, increased productivity and more efficient workflow benefits the company's bottom line.

The benefits of AV technology are well researched and displayed in many successful companies. See what AV technology can do for your brand today.

IVCi AV Managed Services is a global technology leader for standardized, yet scalable, Collaborative Meeting Spaces, Unified Communications, Video Conferencing, Cloud Based Services and industry leading back-end Managed Services. We partner with you to set a Collaboration & Migration Strategy, which includes identifying, deploying, and managing the ideal technology mix to improve your business' bottom line and support the most ambitious ROI models that support and justify your investments.



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