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TMCNet:  Video Conferencing Equipment Expert, IVCi, Discusses the Benefits of Sound Masking for Universities

[August 06, 2019]

Video Conferencing Equipment Expert, IVCi, Discusses the Benefits of Sound Masking for Universities

HAUPPAUGE, N.Y., Aug. 6, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Sound masking is the practice of using a sound system to raise the overall ambient noise level in a room. Though it sounds counterproductive, what sound masking actually does is reduce the radius of distraction for people in the affected space. So, even though people are talking around you, their words will become indistinguishable to your ear when paired with the right frequencies sent through a sound masking speaker system. Video conferencing equipment expert, IVCi, discusses what kinds of benefits sound masking can have for universities below.

  • Ability to be installed in non-visible locations: Non-visibility ensures that sound masking doesn't take away from the aesthetics of a physical environment. Since sound masking is done by raising the ambient noise level of a space, a sound masking speaker system can be installed in non-visible locations, hidden inside dropped ceilings or visibly obscured by lighting fixtures. Both approaches are hidden from the public eye, but still allow the speakers to serve their purpose: reduing the radius of distraction within a space.
  • Protects sensitive information: Sound masking makes it more difficult to overhear private conversations occurring among people in a room, which means that less private information is unwillingly shared across a space. This technology aids in protecting sensitive information, a key benefit for university campuses, often rife with students discussing their private lives in public spaces. Sound masking can safeguard a student's privacy, especially when they could be discussing personal information like addresses, grades, or exams.
  • Improves productivity: It has been proven that sound masking can improve the productivity of the space it's used in. The reduction in the radius of distraction due to sound masking allows students to maintain a sharper focus on studying, improving their productivity. Sound masking technology can also be extremely helpful in exam situations, making the entire exam room seem quieter than it actually is and allowing students to fully focus on their task at hand.
  • Creates a more comfortable learning space: Cultivating a comfortable learning space starts with the ambiance of the room. While a loud, noisy cafe can be too distracting for effective learning, a dead-silent library also has its own set of cons. Sound masking allows any space to become a more effective and comfortable learning environment, where students can feel open to discuss concepts and topics without worrying about or paying attention to the conversations around them.

With all of these benefits and more, installing a sound masking system should be the first topic on your next school study space design agenda.

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