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TMCNet:  Cloud Based Video Conferencing Service Provider, IVCi, Discusses Four Ways Audio Visual Equipment is Expanding the Reach of Healthcare

[June 10, 2019]

Cloud Based Video Conferencing Service Provider, IVCi, Discusses Four Ways Audio Visual Equipment is Expanding the Reach of Healthcare

HAUPPAUGE, N.Y., June 10, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Video conferencing solutions are widely used in a variety of industries because of their ability to improve communication, collaboration, and streamline work for all levels of an organization. In order to showcase the benefits that AV solutions provide, cloud based video conferencing service provider, IVCi, discusses four ways audio visual equipment is expanding the reach of healthcare.

  1. Reduce Travel Time. Audio visual equipment provides both medical professionals and patients with the ability to effectively communicate with one another regardless of location. Patients that are unable to travel due to illness or severe medical conditions are able to regularly meet with their doctors from the comfort of their own home. Additionally, doctors who need to communicate with other medical professionals or patients stationed in another location can do so through video conferencing, ensuring that appointments are never missed and each patient is getting the level of care needed.
  2. Flexible Learning Opportunities. Audio visual equipment allows for effective communication and real time, face-to-face interaction with others. Having the ability to live stream into a surgery, medical diagnosis, or a routine check-up can turn any moment into a learning opportunity. Teaching hospitals can utilize this technology to gain remote access to medical centers without crowding the hospital hallways with eager students. Students on the other hand can immerse themselves in real life scenarios where they are able to observe, ask questions, collaborate with their peers, and make their own inferences.
  3. Heightens Patient Experience. Not only do video conferencing solutions provide medical centers with numerous learning opportunities, they also allow for physicians to communicate with patients easily. This increased level of communication and ability to quickly connect with doctors virtually increases the overall patient experience and encourages routine medical check-ups rather than deterring patients from seeking care when needed.
  4. Enables Global Collaboration. The healthcare community is constantly growing and the ability to communicate and collaborate with doctors and medical professionals around the world can promote new medical findings and even new cures. Video conferencing technology enables and encourages global collaboration. Providing physicians with the ability to connect is an effective and productive manner, regardless of location or time differences.

In an ever-growing industry, having the technology available to effectively communicate and collaborate with other medical professionals, patients, and hospitals can ensure that healthcare organizations are providing the highest level of patient care possible. 


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