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TMCNet:  Cloud Based Video Conferencing Service, IVCi, Shares 3 Reasons Why Universities Are Leveraging Live Video to Increase Group Participation in the Classroom

[March 12, 2019]

Cloud Based Video Conferencing Service, IVCi, Shares 3 Reasons Why Universities Are Leveraging Live Video to Increase Group Participation in the Classroom

HAUPPAUGE, N.Y., March 12, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- As technology continues to advance, so do the ways that universities adapt to and take advantage of that technology to improve the learning experience. To showcase these new ways, cloud based video conferencing service, IVCi, shares 3 reasons why universities are leverage live video to increase group participation in the classroom.

  1. Real-time interaction. One great opportunity that many universities can offer students is the ability to access lectures remotely, regardless of their location. Implementing live video into the classroom allows for students and professors to interact with each other as if they are in the same room. Guest speakers, industry experts, or even former students can also be a part of lectures to provide current students with various points of view. Additionally, it allows teachers to implement visuals into the lesson and provide students with a variety of problem solving tactics. With live video, questions can be asked and answered in real time, increasing the level of collaboration throughout the entire lecture period.
  2. Increase creativity and stimulate clas discussions. Many professors and educators agree that the best learning experience is done hands-on. By implementing live video into university lectures, students can essentially be immersed in the lesson, giving them the opportunity to be exposed to various scenarios and learn new techniques. Medical students, for example, can watch a live surgery during class, giving them a better understanding of the entire procedure from start to finish, rather than reading about each step in a textbook. The ability to immerse students in real life experiences can foster creativity and stimulate class discussions, testing theories for new techniques, problem solving tactics, etc.
  3. Maximize student engagement. Live video has the ability to capture student's attention and keep them engaged throughout the lesson. Implementing this technology into the classroom gives students the opportunity to be part of the live lecture in real time, as well as record and revisit the information at a later date. Knowing that they will have the ability to revisit this information again, in the exact same manner as they viewed it the first time, students will be more focused on the live video lecture at hand and less focused on taking notes. This accessibility will maximize the student's engagement, keeping them involved and immersed in the live lecture from start to finish.

Live video is appearing all around us at an exponential rate and making higher education learning opportunities more accessible than ever. By taking advantage of these new technologies, universities can leverage live video and foster a more productive learning space for students across the globe.


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