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TMCNet:  Cloud Based Video Conferencing Service, IVCi, Explains How Sound Masking Technology Creates a Better Work Environment

[February 11, 2019]

Cloud Based Video Conferencing Service, IVCi, Explains How Sound Masking Technology Creates a Better Work Environment

HAUPPAUGE, N.Y., Feb. 11, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The typical office work environment is fairly quiet. Everyone is focused on their tasks, so they're not making a lot of noise; however, that means when conversations do happen, they're distracting and easily overheard. IVCi, a cloud based video conferencing service, explains how sound masking technology offers a simple solution to this issue and creates a better work environment.

A sound mask is a soft ambient noise that becomes barely noticeable, but it's enough to muffle or drown out the sound of talking. It's different than simply turning on some loud music: research in acoustical engineering has led to the carefully chosen frequency ranges used in sound masking, which are designed to cover voices. This is essential in a variety of environments, from offices and call centers to libraries and hospitals, for four major reasons: 

  • Protect Speech Privacy: Those who wish to have private conversations don't always have the luxury of moving to a soundproof room or office. Sometimes, the conversation happens where it happens, no matter who is nearby. This can increase anxiety for anyone involved in the discussion, as they can't be sure what information is being overheard. This becomes especially important in hospitals, clinics, and dental offices, where doctors may like to discuss a patient's condition with other professionals or the patient's family members without worrying that that patient will overhear—and where, of course, patients are due privacy and confidentiality when discussin medical concerns with a care provider.
  • Increase Productivity and Concentration: Someone else's conversation can be distracting, even if you're not interested in the subject matter. It can be even more distracting if the subject happens to be non-work-related; resentment can build if the employee who is trying to concentrate feels as though his or her co-workers are gossiping instead of doing their jobs. If employees can't focus, they're not going to accomplish as much. Sound masking provides the quiet they need to do their jobs, and it allows others to have the discussions they need to have without distracting their teammates. In a library or research setting, this allows for collaborative study in the same room with those who prefer to study alone in silence.
  • Reinforce Confidentiality: It is one thing to say a conversation is confidential, but it's hard to guarantee that when there are dozens of people within earshot. Even though a private room or office may feel secure, there could be someone standing right outside the door who may overhear that confidential conversation, either intentionally or unintentionally. Protected by ambient noise, speakers and listeners feel more confident that their confidentiality is protected. This is of particular concern to lawyers, doctors, and therapists.
  • Improve Employee Satisfaction: An inability to concentrate, the feeling that your co-workers are eavesdropping on your conversations, and the possibility of overhearing something you weren't meant to overhear, can lead to low morale among employees. Valuing privacy and creating the atmosphere in which employees can do their best work are both important aspects of building a strong company culture and employee experience.

For any business that values privacy, productivity, and high morale, sound masking technology is a simple, cost-effective way to create a better work environment.


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