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TMCNet:  Audio Visual Solutions Company, IVCi, Shares Four Top Reasons to Consider the Business-Minded Benefits of Video Collaboration

[February 08, 2019]

Audio Visual Solutions Company, IVCi, Shares Four Top Reasons to Consider the Business-Minded Benefits of Video Collaboration

HAUPPAUGE, N.Y., Feb. 8, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- If you're not using the latest technology, your business is not operating at its highest potential. Today's consumers are accustomed to having easy access to the products and services they love. As a business, you need the entire organization to be on the same page, so you can be responsive to the customer's needs in an efficient and cost-effective way. IVCi, an audio visual solutions company, shares five of the biggest reasons you should consider the business-minded benefits of video collaboration for your company and the customers you serve.

  1. Reduce Travel Time and Cost: Physically bringing the team together can be a logistical nightmare—and a massive expense. Airfare, lodging, and meals are just the beginning. You also have to consider the lost productivity of sending your employees away from their offices for a long period of time. If you travel on a weekend to preserve regular working hours, you may damage morale by asking employees to give up their free days. With video conferencing, you can bring the entire team together in an instant, saving travel time and expense. Employees still get the benefit of seeing each other and communicating in real time. Ideas and changes can be implemented instantly when employees return to work after the meeting, rather than waiting until they get home from the trip and starting on Monday.
  2. li>Structured Meetings: A live video meeting can be as well-organized as any meeting in your office. Leaders can connect ahead of time (via video, if the managers are in different locations) to structure the video conference in order to make the best use of everyone's time. Being able to see and interact with the speaker encourages listeners to sit up and pay attention in a way they may not do if the speaker were merely on the phone with them.
  3. Improved Communication and Collaboration: With different teams in different locations—or members of the same team in different locations—it's easy to develop an "us-vs-them" mentality. Employees may get the sense that other teams don't understand what it's like at their particular location; members of the same team may feel those far away aren't pulling their weight on a project. Video conferencing brings everyone together and allows them to collaborate in real time. No more back-and-forth emails, which put everyone at risk for misunderstandings and waste time as each person waits for a response or is forced to clarify a statement. 
  4. Increased Productivity: Any team will get more done when they're face-to-face instead of relying on email or even a phone call, where someone can easily tune out or multi-task without being seen and called out on it. Video conferencing brings them face-to-face, demanding the same focus and attention they would offer if they were sitting in the same room together. Questions are easily answered and the project can move forward, allowing for the team to get more done in less time.


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