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TMCNet:  Video Conferencing Equipment Integrator, IVCi, Discusses How Augmented Reality Is Bringing Conference Rooms to Life

[February 06, 2019]

Video Conferencing Equipment Integrator, IVCi, Discusses How Augmented Reality Is Bringing Conference Rooms to Life

HAUPPAUGE, N.Y., Feb. 6, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- IVCi, a video conferencing equipment integrator, is excited to discuss how augmented reality can transform the way workplace conferences are conducted in order to help companies run a more interactive and collaborative business.

More companies are starting to take advantage of a wide range of modern technologies in order to make their businesses run more productively. Companies of all sizes can agree on the fact that it is imperative that workplace meetings are able to be conducted in an efficient and timely manner. One way that this can be achieved is by introducing augmented reality (AR) into the conference rooms. Augmented reality intricately combines the real world with the virtual world. This new-age technological advancement can enhance your conferences and meetings by allowing your team members to have a better perspective on the material that is presented to them.

How Does Augmented Reality Differ From Virtual Reality?

Augmented reality uses the camera from a computer or a smart device to show you a live view of a certain place or location. Then, digital pictures or images are superimposed onto the live feed, so when you look at the location on your smart device, it appears as if the digital images are actually right there in the room with you.

Virtual reality, however, uses 3D images and 360-degree viewing radius to allow you to completely immerse yourself into a virtual world without incorporating any part of th real world into the image.

1.     Creating a More Efficient Way to Collaborate. Augmented reality takes employee collaboration to a whole new level. AR tools can help to show your co-workers what your idea is, instead of just telling them about it. By using AR, you can incorporate different 2D and 3D digital images into a real-world setting. From there, members of your team will be able to easily make notes or add to the image for a more interactive and in-depth collaboration session.

2.     Bringing Your Entire Team Together. No matter what part of the world your co-workers are on, augmented reality can bring them together. By combining virtual images, data, and real-time interactions with the physical world, you can virtually bring all of your employees into the conference room with you. AR allows your employees to easily see and interact with the data and information that you are presenting to them as if they were sitting right next to you.

3.     Analyze and Organize Large Quantities of Data. Even if you have your team physically together in the conference room, AR technology can still help your meetings run more efficiently. When you use AR, you will be able to upload a wide range of digital files and have them laid out in an organized manner. Your team members will be able to virtually grab, move, and rearrange the data in a way that allows the meeting to flow in a more smooth an efficient manner.

The use of augmented reality is actually not a new concept. However, up until recently, it was only used for limited applications. Industrial companies have been using this technology for years to help diagnose and fix various problems within their facilities, but now, other industries are starting to see that this technology can be very useful in an office setting as well.

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