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TMCNet:  Video Conferencing Equipment Vendor, IVCi, Discusses Why Virtually Every Company of Every Size Is Investing in Huddle Rooms

[January 30, 2019]

Video Conferencing Equipment Vendor, IVCi, Discusses Why Virtually Every Company of Every Size Is Investing in Huddle Rooms

HAUPPAUGE, N.Y., Jan. 30, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- In order to help businesses keep up with the latest collaboration trends, video conferencing equipment supplier, IVCi, discusses why virtually every company of every size is investing in huddle rooms.

The business landscape is incredibly diverse and represents companies of all different shapes and sizes. But from the smallest startup to the biggest enterprise, all businesses need an area for their employees to meet and collaborate. Huddle spaces are becoming an increasingly attractive option for companies of every size - offering affordable flexibility that integrates perfectly in a modern business environment.

Discussed below are the reasons why several key groups are taking advantage of the benefits that huddle spaces have to offer.

Millennials. Millennials now make up a significant portion of the workforce, and as boomers continue to retire a younger group of employees is rising up to take their place. Millennials have grown up with technology as a part of their everyday lives, and that appreciation for tech translates into their behavior in a business environment. Huddle spaces outfitted with the latest technology allow these young workers to thrive in a familiar environment and collaborate more effectively using the audiovisual equipment ith which they have grown comfortable.

Corporate Adapters. Companies are starting to recognize the advantages that huddle spaces have over traditional meeting areas and are starting to shift their design to prioritize these smaller and more intimate spaces. While traditional businesses aren't generally as flexible as the group of millennial up and comers, many businesses are chasing after greater efficiency at affordable prices - a formula huddle spaces fit quite well.

Enterprise Companies. While enterprises are often behind startups when it comes to shifts in the work environment due to the huge scale at which they operate, even the largest corporations have begun to ditch traditional meeting spaces in favor of multiple smaller video conferencing rooms. Enterprise level companies generally have bigger budgets to work with, but the greater efficiency of these more flexible spaces have proven a more valuable return on investment when compared to a smaller number of traditional boardrooms.

Universities and Learning Centers. Educational facilities put their students' learning at the forefront, and part of that commitment involves keeping up with the latest collaboration trends. While huddle spaces are an excellent area for workers in a company, they also have major perks to offer for students in the classroom. From collaboration on group projects to meetings among instructors and administrative staff, these spaces are starting to become more and more common in institutes of higher learning.


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