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TMCNet:  Video Conferencing Solutions, IVCi, Explains How Virtual Reality is Transforming the Way Enterprise Companies Collaborate

[January 24, 2019]

Video Conferencing Solutions, IVCi, Explains How Virtual Reality is Transforming the Way Enterprise Companies Collaborate

HAUPPAUGE, N.Y., Jan 24, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- In order to help businesses stay on the cutting edge of communication technology, video conferencing solutions, IVCi, explains how virtual reality is transforming the way enterprise companies collaborate.

While virtual reality technology has yet to become commonplace, there are already many ways that businesses can use it to help make organizing projects among employees and clients much easier.

Discussed below are a few of the reasons that virtual reality will forever change the way companies communicate and collaborate.

Streamlining Work. Virtual reality is a novel technology that has yet to break into the mainstream, but that doesn't mean that it doesn't already have major potential. Virtual reality allows the user to transform their environment and be immersed in another location, which provides an opportunity for employees to collaborate in a cohesive and self-contained environment. As the technology continues to advance, virtual reality "meeting rooms" will offer companies the opportunity to ditch expensive meeting areas and allow workers to collaborate as if they were side by side regardless of wherever they happen to be.

Training. The ability of virtual reality to simulate a specific environment and totally immerse the user has ajor implications when it comes to training employees. While there's certainly some investment involved in programming a virtual reality training program, it can be a valuable tool for getting workers up to speed in new technology using a realistic environment with no real repercussions. Employees will be able to get real hands-on experience while containing any mistakes to a virtual environment.

Recruitment. In many industries, it can be difficult to attract and retain top talent. Offering cutting-edge technology and a unique way to work may be the key that companies need in order to fill out their staff with the best possible workers. Virtual reality is also a valuable tool for the actual recruitment process as well, providing an alternative to an in-person interview that still retains that human element.

Unified Communications Supplemented With VR. While virtual reality does have merits on its own, it really shines with integration into a larger communication platform. There are many cloud-based services available that offer businesses an all-in-one productivity suite, allowing employees to communicate over multiple mediums while seamlessly sharing and storing relevant documents. Virtual reality might not make sense for many companies as a standalone option, but when added on to an existing software suite it lends a novel yet effective opportunity for immersive communication.


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