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TMCNet:  AV Integration Company, IVCi, Discusses 3 Benefits of Unified Communications Solutions for Enterprise Companies

[December 28, 2018]

AV Integration Company, IVCi, Discusses 3 Benefits of Unified Communications Solutions for Enterprise Companies

HAUPPAUGE, N.Y., Dec. 28, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- In an effort to help companies collaborate effectively, AV Integration Company, IVCi, discusses 3 benefits of unified communications solutions for enterprise companies.

Having efficient technologies in place for communications is important for any company, but it is especially critical for enterprise companies. Large businesses can benefit greatly from a more organized approach that keeps employees on the same page across the board through a single collaborative platform.

Discussed below are 3 reasons that unified communications solutions are integral for enterprise companies.

Easier Collaboration. An enterprise-level organization is made up of a variety of moving parts representing a wide range of technologies. From instant messaging and text files to audio and video conferencing, communications encompass many facets that can be difficult to keep track of when they are all part of disparate platforms.

Cloud-based technology has led to the rise of virtual workspaces that combine all communications under a single platform. With everything in one central location, workers have multiple ways to touch base with one another as well as easily share documents and files. These services can allow employees to seamlessly transition from a collaborative documet or text chat to video conferencing - all without juggling multiple services.

Reduced Expenses. Many enterprise-level decisions are made with special attention to the bottom line, and cutting expenses can often be just as effective as increasing sales. Collaboration between teams and communication with clients often requires a meeting or conference, and travel expenses to get everyone in a central location can be considerable. The initial investment of time and money required to get the business up and running on a unified communications platform can increase efficiency, thereby reducing expenses over time.

Rather than employees flying or driving to meet up and work, that work can be done in a single virtual locale with all necessary technology at hand. Sharing documents, checking customer information, video conferencing and more are all possible through a single cloud-based service.

Simplified Data Management. With how many interactions take place each day as a part of doing business, critical information can frequently slip through the cracks. Enterprises often have many people collaborating on a single project, and unified communications can automatically keep a record of all that work.

Rather than relying on employees to keep track of the mass of communications associated with a specific project, collaboration across different mediums can be automatically organized and tracked - greatly simplifying the company workflow.


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