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Melissa Warner is a freelance writer from Milwaukee with a passion for gadgets and anything that makes her busy life juts a little easier! Since graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in 2008, her work has appeared in The Irish American Post, 4PM Magazine and The Milwaukee Post. She currently moonlights as a blogger, sharing her thoughts on everything from agriculture to American Idol. When she’s not busy working, it’s likely she’s in her favorite chair with a good book, warm blanket and her trusty Beagle companion.

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White Papers
Customer Service in the Age of the Cloud
The ability to provide excellent customer service matters more than ever, given the expectations of consumers today. Take a recent report from Microsoft on the state of customer service, for example ...
Cloud Solutions Take the Stress Out of Moving Offices
Moving offices or opening a new location can be a serious challenge.The logistical hurdles can be daunting...
Case Studies
Gilbane Company Building
Gilbane works on large construction projects that typically last about 1-3 years. As a result, project trailers need to be equipped with a state-of-the-art phone solution but capital cost constraints prohibit purchasing equipment that will only be used for a few years...
Sable Natural Resources
Sable Natural Resources required a more flexible voice solution with advanced capabilities in combination with cost savings...
Product Sheets
Fusion360 & FusionWorks
Fusion offers a 360 degree view of the communications solutions your company needs to succeed. Fusion360 provides you with the stability of a traditional PBX phone system and the advanced unified communications features that only a next generation ...
Fusion offers a 360 degree view of the communications solutions your company needs to succeed ...