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Infinite Convergence Releases Enterprise Mobile Messaging v7.0 with Multimedia Capabilities

June 12, 2014

Mobile technology can quickly deliver messages to customers, business partners and employees and is hence increasingly used by most businesses. Mobile messaging offers an optimized form of communication with its easy and cost effective reach. Its rich multimedia capabilities can deliver more engaging and effective campaigns when compared to print media and email.

Infinite Convergence Solutions a provider of wireless messaging and mobility solutions for carriers and enterprises has released EMS 7.0, a new version of its enterprise messaging service. EMS 7.0 will now include multimedia messaging capabilities.

EMS 7.0 synergizes core SMS and IP-Push messaging capabilities and is able to ensure end-to-end security, delivery assurance and messaging analytics. Further, the newly added multimedia features will enhance the messaging experiences of customers.

The solution helps improve enterprise mobile messaging campaigns as it includes photos, videos and scanner-ready mobile coupons, which do not need a mobile app installation.

The greatest advantage is that, Infinite Convergence’s EMS is a cloud-based solution. It offers flexible APIs that allows easy integration with existing service infrastructures. Based on the company’s carrier-grade messaging platform, EMS 7.0 helps enterprises to deliver messages to millions of mobile phone subscribers in more than 180 countries.

Other important features of EMS 7.0 are global deployment, campaign manager, opt-in/opt-out capabilities and messaging analytics for highly time-sensitive and confidential communications. The scalable customization and systems integration services are useful for the financial, retail, travel, hospitality and healthcare industries which can benefit a lot from the value-added mobile messaging features.

Recently Infinite Convergence partnered with Neusoft Mobile Solutions in Finland. A subsidiary of the Neusoft Corporation, Neusoft Mobile Solutions is an expert in multi-platform mobile solutions with extensive background in delivering mobile applications across numerous industries. Infinite Convergence’s RCS Messaging Server capabilities will interoperate with Neusoft’s Joyn-certified RCS client applications for multiple platforms.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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