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NetPlus Offering Tips on Transitioning to UC

April 07, 2014

NetPlus product manager, Jim Gilmour, will help enterprise clients easily transition to UC by offering his advice during a session at the upcoming International Avaya Users Group (IAUG) conference later this month.

.Gilmour will give valuable information about the problems that frequently occur during migrations and explain how using NetPlus VoIP Transition Tool can help in migration, cutting costs and successful completion of projects.

A large number of enterprise clients want to adopt unified communications but they are discouraged by the tedious process requiring many hours of work by the staff.

NetPlus claims its VoIP Transition Tool can help clients to make a smooth move to UC and save a significant amount of money by using VoIP during the months they are transitioning.

"NetPlus has enhanced the NetPlus VoIP Transition Tool this year with a new interface and we've streamlined processes within the tool to provide customers with more automation,” said Gilmour. “We've seen a growing interest from all sectors especially integrators and consultants tasked with migrating their clients to UC and VoIP."

NetPlus provides Communications Management solutions for both commercial and government entities. The company is currently educating commercial and government clients to save money from their telecommunications operations by using its telecommunications management software suite.

NetPlus Telecommunications Management System (TMS) features a suite of products, which helps clients to address their telecom expenses challenges. The product suite automates and streamlines telecommunications processes as well as provides visibility into telecom infrastructure.

Moreover, it provides useful visibility into a network and helps businesses to manage all costs, processes, assets, network infrastructure, cable, and phones.

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