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Any.do's Smart Calendar App - Keep Track of Your Life on Your Smartphone

February 28, 2014

Any.do's smart calendar app is designed to help users keep track of their lists and things to-do right on their smartphone. It was originally released for iPhone, though it is now available for Android as well. It comes with some interesting features and others that need a little more work on it.


HeadsUp is the latest feature in Any.do's cal app. The idea behind this feature is to help users manage their meetings more effectively. Before a meeting begins, this app allows users to navigate to the location using Google Maps and it also lets users call a taxi to get to the meeting. While the meeting is going on, users can send emails, take snapshot of the presentation or even save the audio and video. Once the meeting ends, this app gives users the choice to schedule follow-up meetings or send a summary through email to other attendees.

Though these actions sound impressive, none of this automated. For example, when the user taps on the call taxi button, it simply takes the user to the Uber app. In this sense, all that this app does is to connect the right actions with the right app. It would be even better if the app can automate more features. Like, for example, if a user is running late, the app can get the current location of the user and estimate the delay. Further, it can send a pre-written message to other attendees about the delay time. Such automation will go a long way in enhancing the usefulness of the app.

Adding Events

Adding events is easy with Cal's simple and attractive UI. However, it is a little outdated as users have to enter the fields manually. Instead, the app can automate this task using Natural Language Parsing, so all that the user has to do is type in a single line about the event and its details.


Managing the To-do list is also a little harder in Cal because it does not integrate the task manager and the calendar well. As a result, users have to keep the Cal app and other Any.do apps open to complete this task. This can get a little cumbersome.

In short, Any.do's Cal is a useful app that needs a little more automation to it. 

Edited by Cassandra Tucker

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