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DeskAlerts Alert to the Power of Social Media

February 04, 2014

'Don't ignore the social media' - that was what DeskAlerts, the completely Web-based solution, learned to its advantage while studying how popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn were with its client base. And, to give it due credit, it promptly incorporated social media functionality into its messaging system.

Given the colossal power that social media wields and the popularity it has, this is perhaps a good move on the part of DeskAlerts, which aims to empower its users and itself by being able to send desktop alerts and news updates to any employee within the organization. There are times when this can be done more efficiently through social media than by traditional email alone.

It is clear that social media is not just a passing fad or merely a communication tool, but a staying, growing force to reckon with, and its extensive reach and potency are aspects that are well acknowledged. This is borne out by a DeskAlerts study.

On the basis of that study, DeskAlerts found that America's boardrooms, sales department and business leaders (57 percent belonging to all U.S. companies) admit to having succumbed to the wiles and guiles of social networks to whip up leads and sales. Organizations large and small are falling over themselves to align with LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook to shore up lead  and sales activity.

What is perhaps even more significant is the success that many U.S. companies have had with acquiring customers through LinkedIn, Facebook and by using blogs. With Facebook users having climbed to more than 1.10 billion, Twitter with  more than 200 million  active users and LinkedIn with  225 million, the results of the study are merit-worthy.

Anton Vdovin, project manager at DeskAlerts, acknowledged the phenomenal power of social media, and noted that four in five American adults now have a social media account and the sheer volume of users on sites like Facebook meant that businesses mean to maximize its potential for more than just communication purposes.

With the recent introduction of a range of social media features that have centralized and streamlined social media updates via DeskAlerts, the company has jumped on to the social media bandwagon with the aplomb and assurance of a veteran. Will social media work the magic it has for so many other companies?

Edited by Cassandra Tucker

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