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Unified Communications Week in Review

December 07, 2013

Businesses are constantly evolving. Whether it be expanding overseas or expanding the employee base, businesses need to constantly stay connected in order to stay afloat. A unified communications system allows a business to keep employees, policies and other corporate offices together no matter how far apart they may be. The major news in unified communications this week varied from new products and a new CEO to information on how a UC system can aid business communications as a whole and help businesses avert disaster.

The company Plantronics (News - Alert) has just released a product that embodies the very core concepts of UC. Plantronics has announced the next generation of wireless stereo earbuds known as the BackBeat GO 2, which are deemed perfect for the consumer who wishes to stay connected at all times. Users can easily switch from listening to their favorite song to watch a favorite video on YouTube (News - Alert) or even take a conference call from his or her boss. Not only is BackBeat GO 2 perfect for the user who seeks versatility and continual connectivity, these earbuds also leverage Bluetooth – allowing for the connection to tablets and smartphones. Greg Miller, senior category manager of stereo solutions at Plantronics recognizes what the importance of staying connected is to the busy consumer. “The BackBeat GO 2 allows users to easily transition through their busy day without skipping a beat, losing their charge, or getting tangled in cords. It’s the indispensable companion for the always-on, connected professional and media enthusiast,” Miller stated. The BackBeat GO 2 is ideal for commuters on the way to work or simply those who live by a busy schedule and wish to always remain connected.

In order to provide a good product or service, a company must have strong leaders who are ahead of the game, and this week the company Polycom (News - Alert) - a strong force in the videoconferencing market – saw this in Peter A. Leav. Leav assumed the role as Polycom’s president and chief executive officer, while also serving as a director on the company’s board beginning Monday, December 2. Leav is taking the CEO position of Kevin Parker, who stated, “Peter’s strong background in operations, general management and sales, spanning a successful 20+ year career in communications, technology and services and his energy and passion are strong assets to take Polycom to the next level,” indicating that Leav has the expertise to keep a leading UC corporation at the front of the pack regarding connectivity as well as revenue.

Although there have been changes within the corporate levels of UC, this week has also proven that a unified communications system in place can be useful for a community as a whole. Athens County, Ohio knows this first hand, for the county uses Everbridge – a provider of critical communication solutions – in order to ensure proper public safety during county-wide celebrations such as Halloween. Everbridge allows Athens County to collect on-the-scene videos and photos that are taken with users’ mobile devices, which can then be shared with public safety resources such as the police.

“County public safety officials can collect on-the-scene data and share it with attendees throughout the event. This prevents critical situations from escalating and improves public safety,” said Dan Pfeiffer, director of Athens County 911, proving Everbridge UC system as a literal life saver to the community of Athens County, Ohio.  

This week has definitely been a week of change in unified communications – and not only change but positive reinforcement that a UC system is a vital resource to businesses, communities and even individuals who wish to stay connected, no matter what. 

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