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Vox Offers Video

February 25, 2013

Vox Communications, a subsidiary of Pervasip Corp, has improved its Android Mobile VoIP calling application with free video calling. The app is available now for all Android phones and tablets that support video calling from the Google Play Store.

With this app, subscribers have access to the VoX “Play And Go” calling plan, which requires no subscriptions and enables calling from anywhere in the world without a monthly fee. It does need to be topped up for calls to be made, but that can cost as little as a single dollar.

VoX users can subscribe over their phone or tablet and choose a U.S. phone number from its interface. This makes it simple to sign up and set up an account, compared to other video options. New subscribers can also try a 60 minute trial, following which they can choose to pay as they need to make calls.

“After an initial release via the Amazon App Store, we are now comfortable that we can support video calling to the broader audience available on the Google Play Store,” says Mark Richards, chief information officer of VoX. “We will continue to deliver features and functionality to make our app the number one mobile VoIP and video app available, and we are proud to continue to maintain the highest ranked mobile VoIP app in the store, as reviewed by customers that have downloaded the application.”

Video calling is growing more popular and more important, so it stands to reason that it should become more widely available. The pay as you go plan should be very appealing to those who don’t need to make too many calls, although those who find themselves constantly making video calls might prefer a flat rate. Either way, it’s a useful app that should help make video calls from Android devices even more accessible and convenient.

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