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VXi Releases New Headset

February 11, 2013

VXi Corporation’s UC ProSet corded headset is transforming is going from great to greater, with the UC ProSet LUX. This incorporates new and innovative interactive features into an already reliable design, providing an efficient and high-quality headset.

The new UC ProSet LUC uses a LED light to indicate one’s availability status, with green representing availability, orange meaning on a call, and red a general “do not talk to me right now.”

Furthermore, it provides a new plug-and-play USB interface, making it easy to use without needing any new software or drivers.

This headset was made with unified communications in mind, and as such, provides features for an even better UC experience. With true hi-fi stereo surround and noise-cancelling technology, one won’t have to worry about getting distracted or not hearing the call.

It also has stereo or monaural style options, and an inline control of volume.

Its design is built for comfort, so those who find themselves on the phone frequently will be able to wear the headset all day without feeling any discomfort or irritation. Of course, like VXi’s other products, there’s a two-year warranty, so if anything should happen to the headset, it’s covered.

"VXi is committed to continually provide our Unified Communications customers the next level of excellence," said Mike Ferguson, VXi Corporation’s President and CEO. "We've done just that with the UC ProSet LUX. With its superior performance, ease of use and durability customers expect from VXi, there is no other headset like it on the market today."

The previous UC ProSet proved reliable, comfortable and clear, while the ProSet LUX is an improvement on all that which made the last one great. The USB interface makes it simple to start using, while the LED lights provide convenience and availability notifications that will prevent any unwanted interruptions.

If your old headset is in need of replacement, try the UC ProSet LUX and see how it compares.

Edited by Braden Becker

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