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AT&T Connects With T-Systems, Tata Communications

February 06, 2013

AT&T has made some new deals; pray it makes some more. These new interconnection agreements with T-Systems and Tata Communications help extend collaboration across even more telecommunication provider networks for an expanded community.

Furthermore, AT&T announced the AT&T Telepresence Solution is Open Visual Communications Consortium (OVCC) compliant, providing multi-vendor video collaboration from a range of service providers.

As a result of these inter-provider agreements, AT&T Telepresence Solution customers can communicate and collaborate over even more networks than before, providing an easier and more consistent collaboration experience. This is a part of AT&T’s role in the OVCC, which aims to provide video collaboration across vendors, networks and devices, so that people can communicate and collaborate over their systems and networks of choice.

There are several other benefits to this, such as improved access and the facilitation of immersive telepresence meetings across the globe through any of the three providers.

Telepresence and video are now interoperable between endpoints from AT&T, BT and Orange Business Services, helping decrease travel time and costs.

"As a leader in pervasive video collaboration, we are committed to providing global interoperability across service providers and endpoints," said Alan Benway, executive director of AT&T Business Solutions. "These agreements demonstrate our progress in providing customers with increased opportunities to improve how they work with suppliers and business partners through global video collaboration."

This is a great step toward an even more connected world. When networks and service providers allow collaboration between their networks, customers have more choices and more freedom to use the ones that suit their needs the best. AT&T and the rest of the OVCC understand this, and are helping to make true unified communication and collaboration a reality.

Edited by Braden Becker

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