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Whaleback Saves Executive Search Firm's Communications

February 05, 2013

Fortune Personnel Consultants of Lexington has given its business communications a boost, thanks to Whaleback. The executive search firm has replaced its global telecommunications solution with the firm’s CrystalBlue Cloud-based Managed Unified Communications Services, thus improving its services while decreasing costs.

The copper lines that Fortune Personnel Consultants used to use were proving expensive and ineffective. Configuration was difficult, service issues took forever to fix, and the system was clumsy and difficult to deal with.

That’s why it turned to Whaleback’s CrystalBlue Cloud-based Managed Unified Communications Service, which provided an enterprise-wide communications system that provides several features and great quality.

Employees can access it from anywhere with an Internet connection, accessing telephony features, HD voice, network services and more – all with the reliability of an enterprise system and the ease of use of a cloud service. They only need to pay for what they need, when they need it, and have full end-to-end support guaranteed.

It also provides proactive monitoring and management with remote problem identification and resolution to find and solve problems before they occur.

Thanks to Whaleback, Fortune Personnel Consultants of Lexington have access to advanced calling features and high-definition call quality on Polycom HD phones.

Not only that, but it’s about 20 percent more affordable, if not more.

"The difference between our old system and Whaleback's was like driving a horse and buggy compared to a car,” said David Mitchell, president of Fortune Personnel Consultants at Lexington. “Whaleback provides me with the tools that make it easy for me to do my job with competence. I have never seen a system better than Whaleback, and the best part is I don't worry about the phones anymore."

Whaleback’s service has helped Fortune Personnel Consultants improve its communications drastically. Downtime is a thing of the past, and configuration and control is a simple task.

The service is rich in features and high in quality, providing everything the company needs to run at peak capacity.

Edited by Braden Becker

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