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ACT Conferencing and Vidtel Present Cloud Video Service

January 23, 2013

Traditional video conferencing systems require a significant capital investment in equipment, hardware and infrastructure – not to mention a large amount of bandwidth to run the calls. While you could deal with these complexities, you could conversely work with cloud-based video conferencing services, which allow companies to take advantage of high-quality video conferencing technology without needing to make such dire investments.

This is exactly what ACT Conferencing, a company in integrated conferencing solutions, and Vidtel, a company in cloud-based video conferencing, are doing. Due to emerging digital ‘multimedia’ marketplace, cloud video services are capturing public attention and becoming very successful commercially. In light of this, both companies have revealed a new strategic partnership to bring a cloud-based video conferencing services to the business market.

Specifically, ACT and Vidtel are developing a new cloud offering in the ACT product suite, which will be introduced next month. ACT has noticed growth in demand from its channel partners to offer greater flexibility and usability in video conferencing services.

"ACT and Vidtel share a common belief in delivering visionary products and cost innovation which improve reliability and the user experience," elaborated Gary Iles, vice president of sales and marketing for ACT Conferencing in a statement. "Our mutual commitment to that winning combination is why we're excited about the partnership and the opportunities that we're already seeing in the market."

The new any-to-any cloud service – which tie together H.323, SIP, Skype, Google Talk and WebRTC endpoints into one virtual meeting room – will make innovative, high-quality video conferencing a true reality for business customers while reinforcing ACT's leadership position in the conferencing and collaboration marketplace.

"Vidtel is hundred focused on delivering our cloud services to customers through thought-leading strategic partners like ACT," Vidtel CEO Scott Wharton added in said statement. "ACT has a long history of innovation and customization in conferencing services, so it is not surprising to see them embrace our cloud service."

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Edited by Allison Boccamazzo

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