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Sendgine Social Productivity Platform Makes Project Execution More Efficient

January 23, 2013

Sendgine has unveiled a social productivity platform that will enhance collaboration and cooperation facilitating the sharing of files, planning events and tracking progress besides brainstorming ideas.

Jeff Goens, CEO of Sendgine said, “Email will continue to have an important place in everyone’s arsenal of communication tools because it’s simple, ubiquitous and affordable, but its adverse effects on our productivity and sanity are real.”

Previously, E-mail was used extensively in workspaces for the exchange of ideas and for all organizational work. In order to provide greater clarity and enhance efficiency and to simplify project completion tasks Sendgine offers a Web-based and mobile platform.

This new platform offers the simplicity of E-mail synergized with the organizational abilities featured in project management systems. Users will benefit from the Web-based platform to improve collaboration in order to accomplish maximum success in project completion.

“So with Sendgine, our team started with a single goal: to empower people to work faster and smarter within organized flows of information known as “Trains of Thought” — while also reducing the noise of the email inbox, the complexity of project suites, and the stress of trying to manage files, messages, tasks and events separately,” Goens added.

Sendgine launches a “Trains of Thought,” and does not actually manage projects. In this platform files, messages, events and to-dos flow together toward a common goal. Users can get large files to and from other cloud apps also like Dropbox and Facebook easily thereby enhancing collaboration.

The Sendgine platform is presently available on the Web and is expected to go mobile soon. Individuals and organizations will be able to execute plans faster and more efficiently.

Participants in a discussion Train can log themselves out of conversations; turn off E-mail and mobile notifications using the mute feature, or target message notifications to some participants using the “quiet” feature to end inbox clutter.

Sendgine also saves time, hard drive space and mobile data usage as users can view files with a single click and preview documents without downloading them. Also, files and messages in Sendgine are stored and sent with “secure+” protection featuring greater privacy settings not found in E-mail.

Edited by Carlos Olivera

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