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Personify (Not Nuvixa)

January 03, 2013

Are you an employee, customer, or fan of Nuvixa? Not anymore – Nuvixa, is out, Personify is in. Don’t misunderstand, though, there hasn’t been a takeover, change in business or anything of the sort. The company has simply changed its name.

The start-up from the University of Illinois was formed in 2009, providing technology that lets people provide live images of themselves in presentations. With it, online meetings can gain a new visual touch, as the presenter seems to be physically interacting with the information and attendees.

With the re-naming, some of the firm’s products are being rebranded as well. Its flagship product, formerly known as Stage Presence, now goes by Personify Live. There are other products in the works, though there are no details on them at the moment.

Why the change? Well, Sanjay Patel, CEO of Personify, explained that the previous name did little to describe their product, and instead sounded like it was a pharmaceutical firm. “We wanted to create a more friendly persona for the company,” he explained. “We felt Personify was the very name we were looking for.”

Personify Live provides a new level of interaction to presentations by putting one’s self in the presentation itself. It’s subscription-based, going for around $20 a month, although other pricing plans are available.

As Personify is still small and starting off (with less than 30 employees across the United States and Vietnam), the name change won’t cause any problems. That aside, it’s a good change. “Personify” expresses the purpose and usage for Personify Live, and is far easier to remember than Nuvixa. The product itself is a useful tool for presentations and web conferences, so we can expect great things from Personify in the future.

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Edited by Brooke Neuman

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