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Say Goodbye to Increasing Costs with VoIP and UC

December 26, 2012

Businesses live by the mantra, “Reduce cost, increase performance, boost efficiency and profitability,” and this is evident in the scramble for unified communications (UC), which is slowly maneuvering IP technology to the next level by integrating various streams of communications on to a single virtual platform.

Digitalolympus.com, an online news blog, sought to highlight this in its new study by enumerating the cost saving benefits of adopting unified communications (UC) architecture and switching over to VoIP.

“Growing businesses need to save costs. Also a big priority for them is boosting efficiency, power and productivity. This can be achieved on the telecoms side by switching to VoIP and adopting a unified communications infrastructure,” said a study collaborator.

However, while emphasizing how businesses can save cost on their telecommunications infrastructure through VoIP phones, the study also underscored the importance of selecting the correct VoIP business phone and the right integrating VoIP phone system equipment to support the UC platform.

The study went on to add that by adopting VoIP phones for their Internet and phone system network services, voice and other data services would be supplied via the same connection, and by using business telephone systems that supported UC, all communication streams can be supported on the same device and same network.

“Unified communications blends voice, data, SMS, IM, video and other platforms together on the same network to save costs and boost efficiency, while VoIP provides the backbone to support your UC infrastructure,” added the collaborator.

A new DigitalOlympus.com article showcases how the mobile Internet may soon become a mainstay of public healthcare delivery, with online PHR services, mobile medicine (medical records and prescriptions by SMS or email) and other health information technology solutions already being employed on a wide scale and being used by more and more people, as mobile technology takes a foothold in society.

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Edited by Rachel Ramsey

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