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Polycom Deploys RealPresence in Nanning Municipal Emergency Response System

December 03, 2012

Polycom’s RealPresence Platform is the collaboration solution of choice for the Nanning municipal government in China. The solution is being deployed for the new city emergency response system (CERS), improving the government’s visual command capabilities while keeping command and collaboration across departments unified.

With Polycom’s RealPresence video solutions, emergency workers can improve the clarity of their communications during crises, reducing errors and helping make decisions faster, potentially saving lives through fast and clear action.

The CERS deployment will cover multiple departments, from public security to the police force to forest protection. As a result, it needs to be able to communicate between departments efficiently, and Polycom gives it the power to use high definition video over the vast urban and rural areas.

CERS can collect images of all streets, roads, and so on in the region, so that first responders can find the quickest routes to emergency locations. It also lets workers transmit live images in high definition from the field, giving a close-up view of situations to allow for efficient deployments.

“Market demand for videoconferencing systems is increasing, and we’re seeing growing interest from government agencies as they modernize their IT infrastructures,” says Steven Li, Polycom’s general manager in the Greater China Region. “Polycom is honored to play a role in helping governments use video collaboration to better serve and protect citizens and their property and achieve greater operational efficiency.”

Polycom’s made quite the sale, but it has the tools to meet the government’s needs. Thanks to Polycom’s RealPresence, the CERS will be fast, efficient, and clear across all connections. This will help agents react to disasters better, saving time and lives, thanks to Polycom.

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Edited by Rachel Ramsey

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