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Armstrong Communications and ShoreTel Provide Chatham's School of Music with UC

November 26, 2012

While Chatham’s School of Music is one of the most renowned music schools in the world, this news might be music to the ears of Armstrong Communications PLC. The Manchester-based school has opened a new building, and has brought in Armstrong Communications to streamline communications across the campus with unified communications technology from ShoreTel.

The school’s site contains buildings that date back as far as the 1420s, although naturally, new buildings have been built and updated.

Its latest addition is a $41.2-million building, along with the UC technology to connect the buildings across its extended campus.

Until now, staff would have to struggle to communicate across the many buildings. Now, however, thanks to Armstrong Communications and ShoreTel’s business phone system, each staff member can be contacted no matter where they are through a single phone number.

This makes it easier not only for staff members to communicate with each other, but for students to reach their professors at any time.

“As a world-renowned organization, Chatham's School of Music wanted to modify the way they communicate,” said Ian Nuttall, sales manager at Armstrong Communications PLC. “They soon realized the ShoreTel solution, with its modular state, would enable them to add functionality - such as becoming a contact center - as they grow. This could enable ticketing and booking information for their concerts, which has potential to save time and money as the school continues to develop.”

Academies and universities can all benefit from unified communications. It makes it so much easier to get in touch across buildings, campuses and locations around the city. For older schools, such as Chatham’s School of Music, adding wiring and getting certain connections in older buildings is a difficult task, so wireless communications makes it even easier.

Armstrong Communications did well to provide the ShoreTel solution to the academy, and now the staff and students are benefiting from it.

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Edited by Braden Becker

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