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Mi-Fone's Next Generation Feature Phones Embedded with EMOZE Push Mail and Messaging Technology

November 19, 2012

“View instantly” is the latest buzzword in the mobile devices market, and push technology is making it possible for top mobile handset manufacturers to incorporate this feature into their latest products. In a nutshell, push technology lets the user easily access e-mails, voice messages, chat applications and other smart features. All set to stay abreast of their multi-national competitors, the African handset provider Mi-Fone has forged  a technological alliance with EMOZE to introduce push mail and messaging technology to its latest smart feature phone line-up.

Based on its patented push technology, EMOZE provides synchronized mobile push messaging and push content solutions for handset manufactures, mobile operators and enterprises. Supporting all major e-mail providers, instant messaging services and social networks, EMOZE push messaging solution helps minimize both data traffic and battery consumption for all types of mobile devices including the feature and smartphones.

With EMOZE pre-embedded in the devices, users will be able to easily and securely access both enterprise and personal e-mail accounts, synchronize their e-mail contacts and calendar, view office attachments, send voice messages via e-mail, and even real-time chat via pin messaging with their friends.

Through its partnership with EMOZE, Mi-Fone is now able to integrate the important Instant Messaging and Push Mail features into its handsets. The push technology feature is believed to provide a more user-friendly e-mail and instant messaging experience to its customers and help enhance productivity.

“Through our partnership with EMOZE, we can now add the important elements of Instant Messaging and Push Mail in order to give our consumers the ultimate mass market consumer user experience. With these features our target sector become more productive and in turn become better citizens. We call it, Aspiration Within Reach,” founder and CEO of Mi-Fone Alpesh Patel commented in a news statement.

“We look forward to our partnership with Mi-Fone, the leading local brand in the African region, as we share similar values of excellence and commitment to user satisfaction. EMOZE's unique patented push messaging technology provides an effective solution that is both lean on data usage as well as battery consumption,” CEO of EMOZE Ltd, Moshe Levy noted in a statement.

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Edited by Brooke Neuman

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