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Inbox Marketer Announces Release of Unified Messaging Platform

November 01, 2012

Inbox Marketer, a digital messaging firm, has released UMPIRE, its proprietary Unified Messaging Platform.

The Inbox Marketer team created this platform to make smarter digital messaging, measurement and reporting easier for marketers.

Officials with Inbox Marketer said that UMPIRE transforms digital messaging with a single, integrated platform for designing, deploying, tracking and reporting messaging campaigns across all digital channels – e-mail, mobile, social and web.

"Marketers face a new complexity of more channels providing more data. We developed UMPIRE to make sense of these channels, integrate the data and provide control through a single, easy to use interface," said Bob Millar, director of product development, in a statement.

Millar said that UMPIRE unifies a marketer's digital messaging channels, organizes their data and provides insightful, graphical reports, providing more complete views of their customers than ever before.

"UMPIRE is the smarter platform to manage digital messaging programs because we built it with digital marketers' pain points in mind," said Randall Litchfield, president of Inbox Marketer.

Litchfield said that UMPIRE makes it easier to execute, manage and optimize digital messaging campaigns.

He said that it's the ideal platform for the entire digital marketing team - from entry level to senior-level management.

The next release of UMPIRE is set for early 2013.

Back in March, Inbox Marketer announced the opening of a new office in downtown Toronto. The expansion positions Inbox Marketer in one of the top financial centers in the world, giving the company increased access to business connections that will help sustain the company's future growth and success.

Located at 317 Adelaide St in Toronto, the new office makes it more convenient for Inbox Marketer's Toronto-based clients to meet face-to-face with the company's account managers.

It also allows key company representatives to increase attendance and participation at industry associations, such as the Canadian Marketing Association, in which the company has substantial involvement already.

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