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Voxofon Debuts Free Messaging App for Windows 8

October 31, 2012

Voxofon, a voice and messaging OTT provider, unveiled a free messaging app for Windows 8, the new Windows operating system. The Voxofon app can be downloaded from the Windows Store.

According to officials, the app has been developed to cater to the messaging needs of consumers. Users can leverage the app to send text messages to others easily and cost effectively.

The Windows 8 tile layout enables Voxofon users to view and reply to recent messages conveniently and communicate with new contacts. The Voxofon app can be dragged to the left or right sidebar to continue chatting even when using other applications. Voxofon also integrates seamlessly with Snap, said officials.

The Voxofon app allows users to message other Voxofon friends on Android, iPhone (News - Alert), Windows Phone, and Windows 8 Tablets, or through Voxofon.com for free. Also, cheap SMS messaging is made possible with friends using any other device such as Windows tablets, smartphones and regular mobile phones by the new Voxofon Bridge Messaging Technology.

Phone (News - Alert)-to-phone calls through the Windows 8 app let cheap international calls to be made by users who have to initiate the call. The app reduces call charges which are about 98 percent less than what is offered by major carriers and 50 percent lower that even Skype pay-per-minute rates, added officials.

In related news, Microsoft (News - Alert) announced the launch of Windows Phone 8, to gain ground in the fast-growing smartphone market. Joe Belfiore, corporate vice president of Microsoft and head of its phone division, presented new features of the operating system, and CEO Steve Ballmer (News - Alert) presented new handsets during the launch.

The flagship of the Windows Phone lineup is the Nokia 920, built out of a partnership between Nokia and Microsoft. It will be available through AT&T in the U.S. in November.

Officials also unveiled two more new high-end smartphones, the Samsung (News - Alert) Ativ S and HTC Windows Phone 8X.

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