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BuyDRM KeyOS Platform to Power Microsoft's Secure Corporate Communications

October 31, 2012

Microsoft reportedly chose BuyDRM’s KeyOS to power its secure corporate communications. Some of the notable features of the KeyOS platform, such as its flexibility in deployment and robust security, were cited as reasons behind Microsoft’s selection.

Frank Delia, principal solution manager at Microsoft Corporation said, “BuyDRM’s KeyOS solution provided us confidence that the video feed and on-demand content from our 2012 company meeting would be safely delivered only to the Microsoft personnel we intended. With KeyOS, Microsoft is able to deliver content from the cloud in a secure and scalable manner.”

BuyDRM explained that its KeyOS Platform includes a variety of robust, multithreaded, enterprise-class encryption packaging technologies that enable KeyOS customers to effortlessly and easily encrypt their digital media content. The suite includes a desktop GUI app, a command line server utility, a browser-based offering, a .NET assembly for CMS/DAM systems and an encryption service for Windows Server.

The platform’s newly developed method “to-scale” content encryption license delivery services supposedly simplifies large scale deployments on the Windows Azure platform. The KeyOS licensing service is powered by a cloud-based virtualized platform running on top of a load balanced, high availability computing base using a clustered database and the platform is capable of letting customers leverage a variety of granular rights objects and control interfaces. Users can also opt for custom configured automated reports from the platform that is provided to them via email.

BuyDRM views its selection by Microsoft as a reinforcement of the company’s commitment to work with Microsoft to expand the successful use of their technologies across many industries. It has already worked with Microsoft in building services and solutions around commercial DRM deployments.

In related news, BUYDRM’s KeyOS was recently chosen by TVNZ for new on-demand offering and Wowza Media Systems partnered with BuyDRM to deliver PlayReady-protected smooth streaming. 

Edited by Rachel Ramsey

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