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Even Though UC Isn't Just for the Young, They Sure Do Love It!

October 22, 2012

Let’s be honest, the younger generation in most cases are trend setters whose increasing demands are currently forcing companies around the world to enable their workforce to work while on-the-go and from virtually anywhere with a reliable Internet connection. The growth of unified communications (UC) is increasing by the day and a main factor in this growth is the use of video conferencing.

While many enterprises have different divisions that can be located worlds apart, the ability to view other employees while speaking with them is highly important. That’s where mobile video conferencing comes into play, as it allows anyone to increase collaboration with another party in much more efficient manner. And with the influx of smartphones the “now generation” heavily relies upon, conferencing is becoming even more prevalent.

"Videoconferencing is entering the mainstream of enterprise use at the personal [mobile] level, not at the telepresence or room-based system level," Andrew Davis, senior partner at Wainhouse Research was quoted as saying in a recent blog post.

Davis also added that as younger individuals enter the workforce, they will demand the use of mobile and social solutions when communicating with colleagues and even customers.

In related findings released from InsightExpress, it proves that the trend of younger workers wishing to leverage their devices in the workplace is being supported via bring your own device (BYOD) initiatives that are being implemented within firms in every industry. This in turn assists these companies in seeing huge benefits like reduced costs and improved productivity amongst their entire employee base.

"These findings among college students and young employees indicate the freedom to access social media and use devices is increasingly important to the next generation of the world’s workforce -- in some cases, more important than salary," according to Unified Communications and Collaboration Expert Sheila Jordan said.

In related news, unified communications has revealed that UC is vital to customer satisfaction. A recent survey that involving over 1,000 consumers has highlighted that the public strongly believes companies need to not only power rapid services, but also be extremely reliable when it comes to multiple communication channels including IM, social media and SMS text message. In addition, instant messaging is continued to be leveraged as a fast way to get in touch with someone and get your message across with ease.

Further, nearly 6 percent of consumers commented they find themselves increasingly turning to both instant messaging and chat as a way to interact with companies, which is different from the previous year’s study.

Edited by Rich Steeves

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