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The Dawn of New Public Telecommunications Solutions in India

September 24, 2012

It has taken India approximately 25 years to initiate a tangible move from the public call offices (PCO) introduced into the country by the BSNL (News - Alert). The innovative move, conjured through the partnership of BSNL and SIS Infosystems and bearing the nickname “second telecom revolution,” kicked off in a function led by telecom czas Sam Pitroda on Thursday.

Using the new technology to communicate with BSNL officials at Ahmedabad from New Delhi, he expressed his opinion that millions of immigrants are bound to benefit from the video call offices (VDO), especially since the charges for this impressive broadband connectivity will be relatively cheap, at around three Rupees per forty five seconds.

The CMD of the developer of the VCO solution, Rs 1,500-crore Sai Infosystems (India) Ltd, Sunil Kakkad, elaborated on the benefits of the solution by revealing that no personal computers will be required to actualize the calls. Ensuring the quality of the instant face-to-face video calls will be BSNL’s MPLS-VPN will give the VCO an opportunity to create an all-under-one-roof shop for improved footfalls.

BSNL intends to start rolling out its project by opening VCO booths in 12 designated states (Maharashtra, Goa, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana and Jammu and Kashmir). However, BSNL plans to cover southern and eastern areas in the next six months. The only limitation remains to be calls from these video call offices will only be applicable to recipients within India only.

Above, a PCO located in India

Commenting on the project, Pitroda, advisor to the Prime Minister on Public Information, Instruction and Innovation, said, “No other government in the world has done this. The Government has earmarked Rs 1,000 crore for public information systems as an investment in the future,” he said. “I can imagine the kids carrying Aakash tablets to their schools, rather than heavy bags, five years down the line. I am astounded to see my 18-month-old granddaughter talk to me via video.”

However, to actualize this broadband dream, India will have to ensure that all courts and police stations have broadband and computers. Dubbed “the broadband juggernaut,” the project will ensure that the whole nation moves evenly with extra emphasis on the preparedness of the officers’ preparedness. BSNL plans to convert the struggling PCO with the VCO solution.

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Edited by Allison Boccamazzo

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