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TMCNet:  Mobile Heartbeat's MH-CURE Adds Data Analytics, Providing Metrics on Communication Patterns That Impact Patient Care

[February 14, 2017]

Mobile Heartbeat's MH-CURE Adds Data Analytics, Providing Metrics on Communication Patterns That Impact Patient Care

Mobile Heartbeat, a leading provider of smartphone applications that improve clinical workflow and team communications, today announced Version 11 of MH-CURE (Clinical Urgent REsponse), its secure clinical smartphone application enabling clinical communications, patient-specific workflow and a real-time clinical team directory connecting all members of a patient's care team.

MH-CURE delivers data analytics, providing hospitals with granular data and reports on user adoption and communications patterns, along with efficiency-based metrics. Version 11 also introduces the CURE-Connect family of APIs, allowing seamless navigation between applications, integration with inbound call systems, such as alarms and alerts, and access to current care team information by patient.

New Data Analytics Capability

MH-CURE's unique data analytics capability provides hospitals with data on user adoption, application usage and communication patterns that directly affect patient care. Clinicians can also obtain efficiency-based metrics on activities, such as a patient's emergency department-to-bed placement or discharge. With this real-time data, hospitals can quantify the degree to which MH-CURE improves the efficiency and collaboration of the care team and affects clinical outcomes. They can also uncover different, more effective workflows or determine where additional training may be needed. The data captured can be easily integrated into clinical data warehouses for future examination or reporting needs.

CURE-Connect Family of APIs

With Version 11, MH-CURE introduces CURE-Connect, a set of APIs enabling easy external systems integration. Through CURE-Connect, external systems can send alerts and care team data to MH-CURE's dynamic patient care team, and users can easily move between applications. CURE-Connect includes the following three APIs:

  • CURE-Connect Inbound Messaging - currently connects eight different external systems to send an alert to the dynamic care team set up in MH-CURE.
  • CURE-Connect Care Team Query API - sends information from an external system that defines the dynamic care team for creating the dynamic care team in MH-CURE and presenting a unified team.
  • CURE-Connect InterApp API - allows the user to easily move between applications within MH-CURE, such as seamlessly accessing EMRs from MH-CURE without leaving the application.

Enhanced Voice Communications

MH-CURE Version 11 enhances voice communications through its integration with Apple (News - Alert) CallKit and Cisco Fast Lane. MH-CURE leverages Apple CallKit for seamlesslyanswering phone calls both inside and outside the application, utilizing its dialing interface to both make and receive calls. As part of its collaboration with Apple, Cisco (News - Alert) Fast Lane prioritizes phone calls on iOS devices on the Cisco wireless network, ensuring there are no gaps or drops in voice communications. By adding integration with these powerful voice applications, Mobile Heartbeat expands its collaboration with Apple and Cisco.

Optimized Clinical Team Collaboration

In Version 11, MH-CURE enhances clinical care team collaboration and team coordination based on dynamic care team roles, helping clinicians to more easily collaborate across changing care teams and to understand and easily locate who is in each of the specific roles (e.g. lead physician, first responder, second escalation point, etc.) on each individual patient's care team.

This feature enables care teams to get very granular with assigning the various roles care team members fulfill. A clinician who is a nurse on the clinical care team may be fulfilling an ancillary role on individual patient care teams as well. MH-CURE enhances collaboration via both text and group chat for either one-to-one or one-to-many communications, helping to further step up patient care.

"Our goal is to provide our customers with an enterprise-level, unified communications solution integrating multiple critical communications technologies, enabling them to have a single application for all their communications needs," said Ron Remy, CEO at Mobile Heartbeat. "With MH-CURE, hospitals not only have the ability to optimize clinical communications and team collaboration; they now have the tools to precisely determine MH-CURE's effect on team collaboration and which workflows and processes are most effective and driving improvements in patient care."

MH-CURE provides unified Clinical Communication and Collaboration - multiple capabilities such as secure texting, Voice over WiFi (News - Alert), paging, broadcasting, alert integration, and other clinical system integration in a single application - enabling all clinicians across the enterprise to use one device/one application for all their communications and collaboration needs. MH-CURE also incorporates patient information and real-time, patient-specific care team information, improving workflow and care team collaboration. Care team members have the choice of using their own smartphone (BYOD) or sharing hospital-supplied Apple iPhones.

Mobile Heartbeat will be exhibiting MH-CURE Version 11 at HIMSS17 annual conference and exhibition taking place February 19 - 23, 2017, at the Orange (News - Alert) County Convention Center in Orlando, FL. The company will be in Booth #4895, showcasing the data analytics capability and presenting metrics that current customers are seeing regarding adoption and usage. Mobile Heartbeat will also be in a dedicated kiosk inside Cisco's booth, #1850, to demonstrate MH-CURE leveraging the Apple CallKit and Cisco Fast Lane.

Visitors at the Mobile Heartbeat HIMSS Booth can also get a MH-CURE user's perspective from Dr. Annabaker Garber, vice president and chief nursing informatics officer with HCA (Hospital Corporation of America), which has implemented MH-CURE. She will share HCA's success with MH-CURE and the metrics obtained showing improved communications that impacted patient care.

For more information on HIMSS17 and to register for the conference, visit: http://mobileheartbeat.com/wordpress/news-events/events/.


White Paper - "Key Considerations for Implementing Smartphone Technology in a Hospital Environment"

MH-CURE Overview Video

About Mobile Heartbeat

Mobile Heartbeat™ uses smartphones to improve clinical workflow and provide secure team communications, delivering better patient care at a lower cost. Mobile Heartbeat consolidates clinical communications, including alarms and notifications, pertinent patient information, lab data, texting, voice and photography. Based upon its Clinical Urgent REsponse (CURE) technology, Mobile Heartbeat provides a real-time clinical team directory that efficiently connects all members of a patient's care team inside and outside the hospital as well as across multiple facilities. Eliminating the need for multiple devices, searching for caregivers and hunting for lab data, Mobile Heartbeat provides a highly efficient, patient-specific, clinical team collaboration solution. For more information, visit www.mobileheartbeat.com.

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