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TMCNet:  Research and Markets: Global Office and Contact Center Headset Market: Headsets Become a Critical UCC Tool

[February 27, 2013]

Research and Markets: Global Office and Contact Center Headset Market: Headsets Become a Critical UCC Tool

DUBLIN --(Business Wire)--

Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of Frost & Sullivan's (News - Alert) new report "Global Office and Contact Center Headset Market: Headsets Become a Critical UCC Tool" to their offering.

This study provides an in-depth analysis of the global office and contact center headset market. As part of this analysis, the authors have identified market drivers, restraints, demand patterns, competitive trends, and growth opportunities within the global business headset market. Through extensive primary and secondary research, this analysis provides telecommunication providers and manufacturers with a detailed look at the dynamics of a changing market. This analysis will provide vendors with valuable insights to increase their growth and penetration opportunities within the headset marketplace.

Key Questions This Study Will Answer

- How is the office and contact center headset channel structure evolving with the advent of new technologies

What are the main drivers and restraints impacting the office and contact center headset market

- Is the office and contact center headset market growing; how long will it continue to grow and at what rate Where are the most significant growth opportunities for headset vendors

- What are the current demand patterns for enterprise headsets

- What is the outlook for the office and contact center headset market in different regions of the globe

- What does the competitive landscape look like Who are the leaders

Executive Summary

- Software enhancements and other technology advancements are gradually turning headsets into some of the smartest UC devices used in office and contact center environments. Software is gradually becoming a key component of the headset device adding multiple capabilities, clearly differentiating headsets from other types of enterprise endpoints.

- Tough macro-economic conditions in the Eurozone and their spillover effect in other regions have considerably weakened overall sales in 2012.

- In spite of this, the value importance of headsets has increased due to the growing need to improve worker productivity, team collaboration, and customer service.

- Furthermore, the continued growth of unified communications (UC) and PC-based communications has transformed the headset from a mere auxiliary device into an intelligent endpoint with sophisticated functionality.

- As businesses increasingly acknowledge the key benefits that headsets bring to both end users and IT departments in a new software-based communications environment, demand is expected to grow.

- While corded headsets continue to be the main choice for many businesses, especially in tough economic times, cordless headset shipments are expected to continue to grow due to the sheer momentum of the mobility revolution and the continued recognition of the benefits of connectivity while on the go.

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Source (News - Alert): Frost & Sullivan

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