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TMCNet:  ATG|corp Recommends Edgewater Networks' Solution To Enterprise Customers For Adoption Of Cloud Services

[February 27, 2013]

ATG|corp Recommends Edgewater Networks' Solution To Enterprise Customers For Adoption Of Cloud Services

SANTA CLARA, Calif. --(Business Wire)--

Edgewater Networks, a leading provider of Enterprise Session Border Controllers (ESBCs), announced today that ATG (News - Alert)|corp, a voice, data and media company, has utilized EdgeMarc Enterprise Session Border Controllers and the EdgeView VoIP Support System to connect their enterprise customers to cloud communications services including SIP trunking and Hosted PBX (News - Alert).

Edgewater's EdgeMarc ESBCs help ATG's small, medium and large enterprise customers to connect to cloud-based services by resolving SIP interoperability challenges and providing the security and reliability needed to ensure business class communications. All EdgeMarc products provide a VoIP and video aware NAT/Firewall, protocol mediation for interoperability of VoIP and video devices, active VoIP line testing, call quality monitoring, survivability, quality of service (QoS) and more.

Edgewater's EdgeView VoIP Support System enables enterprise IT staff to pro-actively monitor the quality of VoIP communications services and quickly diagnose network impairments that negatively affect call quality. EdgeView's knowledgebase management system provides users with a vast library for troubleshooting and problem resolution. It simplifies troubleshooting by providing a comprehensive view of call qualty including Mean Opinion Score (MOS) statistics, signaling capture and active line VoIP testing.

"We are pleased that ATG has added our EdgeMarc and EdgeView product lines to its portfolio of solutions to help companies manage their IP-based communications," said Dave Norman, Chief Executive Officer of Edgewater Networks (News - Alert), Inc. "Edgewater's solution enables enterprise customers to take advantage of the cost savings and increased productivity associated with today's cloud communications services."

"We have received very positive feedback from enterprise customers using the Edgewater solution," said Jon Wardle, President of ATG. "The Edgewater solution has substantially reduced installation complexity while improving the overall end-user experience for our customers."

About Edgewater Networks

Edgewater Networks, Inc. is a leading provider of Enterprise Session Border Controllers that address the challenges to secure and reliable enterprise Unified Communications (News - Alert) including device and protocol interoperability, security and policy management, troubleshooting and QoS. With more than 200,000 units deployed worldwide Edgewater products are used to deliver reliable, differentiated, business class services by leading carriers, cable operators, service providers and enterprises. To learn more about Edgewater Networks Solutions please visit

About ATG

ATG|corp delivers robust, yet cost effective voice, data and media solutions and services to businesses of all sizes, and transforms advanced technologies into everyday value for its customers. ATG provides every customer with a team of specialized professionals who will help businesses make the right decisions, and implement telephone and internet solutions that truly make a difference now and in the future. ATG leverages technology to deliver business value with its voice, data and media products and services. For more information about ATG, visit

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