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TMCNet:  Former Apple & Pepsi CEO John Sculley to Keynote at ITEXPO's StartupCamp7

[January 15, 2013]

Former Apple & Pepsi CEO John Sculley to Keynote at ITEXPO's StartupCamp7

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John Sculley has lead an interesting business life, including being a former CEO of Apple and Pepsi. Here he is standing next to legendary Steve Jobs in 1984 as they debut a new Macintosh computer in 1984.

John Sculley has been an innovator since his youth. By the age of 10, Sculley was dismantling radios and converting them into intercoms. By age 30, he was Pepsi’s youngest vice president of marketing and in 1977, Sculley was named the youngest president to-date of Pepsi-Cola— is known as the man behind the original Pepsi Challenge. By the time Sculley left Pepsi in 1983, before moving on to become CEO of Apple, the Pepsi brand had become the largest-selling consumer packaged goods brand in America, surpassing Coca-Cola in market share.

Ah yes, the Cola Wars of the 1980s / early 90s featuring Michael Jackson, Michael J. Fox, Ray Charles, Cindy Crawford, and more. As a huge Michael J. Fox fan, his endorsement of Pepsi certainly made me want to be a Pepsi fan. Though today I'm a Diet Coke fan.

Here's a more recent picture of John:


In any event, today, Sculley is focused on sharing his considerable experience with corporate executives, “serial entrepreneurs,” and third-wave companies that are ready to take risks, to adapt to change or to use technological advances to achieve their goals. John Sculley is scheduled to keynote at TMC's ITEXPO as part of StartupCamp7 in Miami. I'm excited to hear from a technology and business legend at the show, which takes place January 30-February 1st.

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