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TMCNet:  Express Interconnect Releases ReadyVoicePBX: Custom Hosted VoIP AMI for Use in Amazon AWS EC2 Cloud Platform Optimized for Voice over IP.

[January 15, 2013]

Express Interconnect Releases ReadyVoicePBX: Custom Hosted VoIP AMI for Use in Amazon AWS EC2 Cloud Platform Optimized for Voice over IP.

Portland, Oregon, Jan 15, 2013 ( via COMTEX) -- Express Interconnect, an Asterisk IP PBX consulting company based in Portland, Oregon, is pleased to announce a Public Release of ReadyVoicePBX AMI, an Asterisk Image created specifically for use with Amazon AWS EC2 Cloud Infrastructure.

To take advantage of Amazon's AWS EC2 cloud computing infrastructure, a machine image (AMI) containing the operating system and Asterisk IP PBX service has to be created or started which can be complicated and time consuming. Express Interconnect's new AMI image, ReadyVoicePBX, now available to the public is easy to deploy as you simply select the registered AMI-ID from the Management Console and your Voice over IP phone service is deployed immediately.

ReadyVoicePBX AMI consists of Asterisk 1.8 LTS configured on Amazon Linux x64 and enables a Small Business to easily configure the following: As Many Extensions as Bandwidth can Support Auto Attendant and IVR (Interactive Voice Response) Multiple SIP Trunks from Any SIP Providers Voicemail to Email BLF - Busy Lamp Field Music on Hold Advanced Calling Features such as: oCall Forwarding oCall Transfer oFollow Me oCall Parking CDR Calling Records Complete SSH Access Full Asterisk features ReadyVoicePBX AMI offers most of the advanced features used by ExpressVoice PBX in its Hosted VoIP Phone Service to Small Businesses, with the exception of DAHDI drivers. This system provides Small Businesses access to advanced calling features that were previously only available to high end PBX telephony systems.

A pre-configured environment such as those provided by ReadyVoicePBX AMI can simplify both deployment and maintenance of Asterisk based Voice over IP servers for Small Businesses needing a robust and feature rich platform to host their Voice over IP solution.

--------------------------------------- About Express Interconnect Based in Metro Portland, OR, Express Interconnect ( provides Asterisk IP PBX Consulting and Implementation using Amazon AWS EC2 Cloud platform while its hosted VoIP division, ExpressVoice PBX ( provides Hosted VoIP Phone Service to Small Businesses seeking advanced PBX features. The company's mission is to supply small businesses with an affordable, reliable and robust telephony platform that can easily expand to meet their demands.

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