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TMCNet:  Save Money while on Vacation with VoIPReview.org's Picks for the Best in Long Distance and International Calling Features

[January 04, 2013]

Save Money while on Vacation with VoIPReview.org's Picks for the Best in Long Distance and International Calling Features

Jan 04, 2013 (PRWeb.com via COMTEX) -- As the new year brings cold January weather, snow bunnies everywhere are flocking to international ski slopes, while sun worshippers escape the cold at tropical destinations all over the world. While these travelers may disagree on vacation spots, they can agree on the need for cheap international calling rates to and from the US while they are out of the country.

Travelers need to be able to make and receive calls while they are away from home or out of the country. Business owners can't always put work on hold for skiing or snorkeling, so any business owner will need to find a good international or long distance phone service to keep them connected.

But this doesn't just apply to business owners. Many people will need to make personal or family calls while on vacation, and these travelers will need access to a good international and long distance phone service, too.

Fortunately, there are several ways people can stay in contact with family, friends, clients, and employees without incurring hefty roaming charges, international fees, or long distance charges while vacationing out of the state or out of the country. VoIP Review has chosen some of the best VoIP features to help customers save money while traveling this winter.

1.) VoIP Mobile Apps Many residential and business VoIP providers like RingCentral, Vocalocity, and 8x8 offer mobile apps for smartphones. 8x8, for example, allows users that have the 8x8 Virtual Office service to download the app on their Android or iPhone.

When using VoIP mobile apps abroad, users should turn off data roaming and instead use WiFi hotspots to make phone calls. This means users can avoid pricey roaming charges, while still sending and receiving calls through their regular VoIP phone number.

2.) Virtual Calling Codes Some VoIP providers, like small business and residential VoIP provider ITP, offer virtual calling codes. The ITP calling code, which starts at $1.99/month, works the same way as a calling card in that users simply dial the calling code from any phone located anywhere in the world. This service allows users to make phone calls to employees and clients worldwide at cheap international rates while vacationing in another country.

3.) Call Forwarding Travelers that already have VoIP service at their business establishment may already be familiar with VoIP features like call forwarding or Find Me Follow Me, which allow users to have calls sent automatically from one number to another. With these features, users can route their incoming business calls to another landline number (for example, a vacation home number or hotel number) or a mobile phone.

Travelers abroad also have the option of purchasing a prepaid SIM cards for mobile devices. With prepaid SIM cards, users can forward VoIP calls to a SIM card roaming number. To do this, users need to have a VoIP phone number already set up. Users can then set up a forwarding service to their local SIM card through their VoIP phone number.

In both of these cases, VoIP users should inquire about any extra charges that may be associated with forwarding VoIP numbers internationally. Generally, international calling rates are very low with VoIP providers, sometimes as low as $0.01/minute, so these fees shouldn't amount to much.

4.) VoIP to VoIP VoIP to VoIP phone calls are always free of charge regardless of international borders. This also includes cell phone use with the VoIP mobile app. This means that VoIP users can call employees through their office VoIP system, or they can call a family member who uses the same VoIP service without accruing extra fees while on vacation.

5.) "Take it with you" Phone Service Some VoIP companies give customers the option of bringing their phone service with them when they travel. These are companies like magicJack that rely on physical plug-ins for VoIP service. With these companies, customers get a device like a USB plug-in that allows them to make VoIP phone calls from any Internet-enabled computer. Generally, customers will have to arrange some international minutes in advance with these types of VoIP phone service.

With VoIP phone services, VoIP users can go on vacation without fear of missing important phone calls, and without having to worry about accruing huge phone bills for overseas or long distance calling.

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