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TMCNet:  Endicott Selects Startel to Provide Clients with a Quality Customer Experience

[December 17, 2012]

Endicott Selects Startel to Provide Clients with a Quality Customer Experience

Telephone answering service chooses Startel for its open source technology and multi-site capabilities Startel Corporation, the leading provider of unified business communications for contact centers, today announced it has been selected by Endicott, a customer-focused leader in the telephone answering industry, to deploy its enterprise communications software solution at several of its sites. With this implementation, Startel will centralize Endicott’s communications system, ultimately improving overall efficiency and control.

Endicott had originally purchased a business communications software solution from a competitor to enhance the customer experience. Impressed with Startel’s evolution under president and CEO Bill Lane’s leadership and its solution offering, which was better suited for Endicott’s services, Endicott’s CEO Randy Harmat replaced the competitor’s solutions with Startel’s enterprise communications platform.

"The decision to select Startel was an easy choice,” said Harmat. “After learning about its open source technology, built-in disaster recovery and multi-site capabilities, we felt very comfortable from an infrastructure and redundancy perspective. We also liked that Startel is focused on developing products that are scalable and nimble for today, yet will adapt easily to new and unforeseen technologies and trends.” “We are very excited about this new partnership,” said Lane. “Like Startel, Endicott is a solution-oriented company focused on helping its clients achieve their business objectives. We look forward to working together to provide their users with a unified communications solution that delivers efficiency improvements and the highest quality customer experience.” Endicott’s new communications system is expected to go live this month. Implementation will begin with the host site, Corridor Answering, and extend to its other locations, including Central Voice, Bryant Answering and Atlantic Communications. At that time, Endicott will be able to offer its clients superior disaster recovery, enhanced reporting, and a self-service option that will enable them to manage their accounts at their convenience.

About Endicott Comm, Inc.

Endicott is a group of offices that operate under their original dba names. Endicott as the management company prides itself as a customer-focused leader in the industry of providing telephone answering services, appointment scheduling, messaging delivery, call transfer, and bilingual services. Clients range from government entities to healthcare and insurance, legal firms, alarm systems and utility companies. For more information, contact Randy Harmat at 714.560.1009.

About Startel Corporation Startel is a leading provider of unified communications, business process automation, and performance management solutions and services. Since its founding in 1980, Startel has established a loyal customer base from a variety of industries, including contact centers, education, government, healthcare, insurance, telephone answering service and utilities. Startel leverages its unique solutions and industry knowledge and experience to empower organizations to improve agent productivity, reduce operating costs and increase revenues. For more information, contact Rachel Sauerbrey at 949.863.8776.

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