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TMCNet:  Extricom Launches First Large Scale Seamless WLAN Solution

[November 27, 2012]

Extricom Launches First Large Scale Seamless WLAN Solution

NEW YORK, November 27, 2012 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- Extricom Ltd., the enterprise wireless LAN (WLAN) manufacturer that provides seamless mobility with its patented Channel Blanket™ architecture, today announced the launch of its new Extricom LS-3000 Large Scale wireless solution.

The LS-3000 is designed specifically for very large-scale WLAN environments, such as large logistics hubs, regional medical centres, and large hotels where seamless wireless roaming is crucial.

The LS-3000 supports a maximum wireless coverage area of more than 100,000sqm, equivalent to approximately 20 soccer fields.

Extricom's Channel Blanket™ technology provides organizations with true wireless mobility along with wire-like reliability and throughput, even in the most challenging radio frequency (RF) environments. This is a significant improvement over traditional WLAN architectures that, when in non-ideal environments or burdened with heavy traffic, have proven to be far less reliable than the wired networks they replaced.

The Channel Blanket provides up to four blankets of wireless coverage, each of which can be set up to support a different business requirement. This means that it is possible to provide one wireless blanket specifically for business critical data, for example, that won't be affected by heavy data usage of Internet browsers which can impact on bandwidth. The Internet users can be provided with a separate blanket, as can staff using their own mobile devices in the work environment, such as smartphones and tablets, to minimise the wireless security risks associated with bring your own device (BYOD).

The Channel Blanket is a proven success in both greenfield deployments and in situations where it is used to replace microcell WLANs that are not meeting customer expectations. By eliminating co-channel interference, providing multiple uplinks, and taking advantage of reflected RF rather than being hindered by it, the Extricom solution has an intrinsic reliability that is unparalleled in the WLAN industry.

The Extricom solution is also the only enterprise WLAN that provides truly seamless, zero-handoff roaming. This is key for any application where mobility and smooth roaming are critical for operational success. Two verticals that stand out in this regard are healthcare, where VoIP phones, and mobile, networked patient care equipment are becoming more and more prevalent, and logistics, where the use of mobile networked devices such as bar-code scanners and forklifts, VoIP phones, and automated guided vehicles (AGVs) is rapidly increasing. Other verticals such as education and hospitality are also leveraging the benefits of true mobility.

Amit Shvartz, Extricom's VP of Marketing, said: "We received increasing numbers of requests from leading businesses and institutions that need a fast and highly reliable wireless solution for their large- scale facilities. The LS-3000 was developed to address this gap in the market by providing a seamless, highly resilient wireless solution for very large installations." About Extricom: Extricom is a manufacturer of fourth generation enterprise wireless LAN solutions, based on its Channel Blanket™ architecture. The Channel Blanket architecture provides wire-like reliability, high throughput, seamless mobility, unparalleled noise immunity, and is easy to install and maintain. In an era of intensive wireless usage powered by the market explosion of smart phones, iPads, iPods, tablets and other communication devices, voice, data, video, and location services are delivered with an always-on, robust and mobile Wi-Fi connection to any client, in any environment. The Extricom Interference-Free™ WLAN is purpose-built to slash wireless complexity and future-proof your network for tomorrow's multi-service demands. Extricom solutions are in use by customers operating in numerous industries worldwide, including education, healthcare, manufacturing, logistics and warehousing, retail and public venues. Extricom's customers have discovered the uncompromising performance, reliability and ease of ownership that are the hallmark of the Extricom WLAN. Extricom serves its growing global customer base through offices in the USA, Europe and Japan, and by working with a global network of distributors and partners.

For more information, visit us at http://www.extricom.com.

Extricom Media Contacts: Lynn Kolevsohn, Extricom Corporate: Corp.marketing@extricom.com Americas: USA.Marketing@extricom.com EMEA: EMEA.Marketing@extricom.com APAC: AP.Marketing@extricom.com +1-212-240-3896 SOURCE Extricom Ltd

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