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TMCNet:  Skype for Windows 8 Metro / Modern UI How-To Install

[August 20, 2012]

Skype for Windows 8 Metro / Modern UI How-To Install

Originally posted on VoIP & Gadgets Blog, here: http://blog.tmcnet.com/blog/tom-keating/skype/skype-for-windows-8-metro-modern-ui-how-to-install.asp.

So you want to try out the new Skype Metro/Modern UI on Windows 8 do ya Well so do I, so last week I found out how to download and install a leaked copy of Skype for Windows 8.

1. Download the MetroSkype_1.0.0.128_x86.zip file from here. (Ironic Microsoft wants to kill the name Metro yet their Skype team is still using it for their filenames! smiley-smile)

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