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  • Provisioning Cisco's Unified Communications Manager Doesn't Have to Be a Challenge
    Today's unified communications systems offer a huge number of features, often taking the place of traditional telecom and telephony systems. But with that functionality and variety comes the complexity of deploying and managing these systems, which can often be costly and time consuming for IT departments and service providers.
  • Grand View Research: A Buoyant Unified Communication in the Offering
    Organizations the world over are looking for ways to reduce cost without compromising on efficiency and productivity. Unified communications (UC) is bringing with it a whiff of fresh air that promises to give them what they want. Is it surprising then that Grand View Research, Inc., a market research and consulting company, forecasts an upward trend for this market?
  • University of Southern California Installs Centrify User Suite to Improve Learning of Its Students
    University of Southern California (USC), a private research university and home to more than 38,000 students and 3,500 full-time faculty members, has recently installed Centrify User Suite to offer protected remote and on-site single sign-on (SSO) access to university applications and computing resources.
  • Unified Communications Week in Review
    This week in unified communications has indeed been an eclectic one, with topics covering trending products in this vertical, to trends in the vertical itself. Follow this author, all the way down the rabbit hole, as we explore the exciting world of UC.
  • MarketsandMarkets Forecasts Enterprise Video Market to Reach $32.87 Billion by 2019
    MarketsandMarkets, a global market research and consulting company recently unveiled a new report which indicated that the global Enterprise Video Market is likely to grow from $13.01 billion in 2014, to $32.87 billion in 2019. This represents a compound annual growth rate of 20.4% during the forecast period.
  • [24]7's Mobile Chat App to Optimize Experience for Optus Customers
    Today's tech savvy customers look for smart options, real-time solutions, and expect an omnichannel experience when they interact with customer service. Optus, the second largest telecommunications company in Australia, chose [24]7 as a partner to help improve the experience for its customers, and to save them time.
  • Option Service Telecom Licenses SPIRIT's VideoMost Multipoint Web Videoconferencing Solution
    Option Service Telecom, a French service provider, has licensed VideoMost, a massively multipoint Web-based videoconferencing software-only product that helps telecom carriers, service/SaaS providers and enterprises to provide a self-branded videoconferencing service, either from the cloud or with an on premise installation.
  • Device-as-a-Service Offering is a Unified Communications Solution for Businesses
    A new pay-as-you-go pricing scheme for Plantronics' Device as a Service offers 12, 24 and 36-month programs that service providers can then distribute to their subscribers.
  • IceWarp Simplifies Administration and Management of UC Environments
    No one can deny the massive features afforded through Microsoft email and messaging solutions. But while users benefit from an array of communications and collaboration functionality, IT departments often struggle to manage, maintain and secure what can amount to a giant and complex infrastructure.
  • Nepal Telecom to Embrace Unified Communication System
    Nepal Telecom (NT) has been striving to provide value to its customers by delivering quality service using technologies that meet their requirements. In line with that commitment, it is exploring the possibility of delivering unified communication (UC) services to the masses.
  • Unified Communications Week in Review
    Ill tidings marred the start of the week, elicited from Cisco's discovery of three separate threats in its Unified Communications Domain Manager. Historically utilized as a means of handling administrative tasks for Cisco Unity Connection and Cisco Jabber, as well as others pertaining to phone and soft client integrated applications, each threat, if not immediately patched, may allow cybercriminals to view and commandeer personal user information. Click here for more details on which Cisco constituencies were affected, and be sure to patch liberally.
  • Investment Advisers Must Prepare for Generational Shift
    Internet publication InvestmentNews recently led a research study surveying both advisers and investors on thoughts regarding current modes of communication as well as what they see for the future.
  • Pittsburgh Steelers and AVST Combine to Tackle Unified Communications
    Applied Voice & Speech Technologies, Inc. (AVST) announced today that it has been selected by the Pittsburgh Steelers to provide unified communications for team personnel. The private software company will deliver unified messaging, voicemail, Atom personal assistant, mobile client, speech-enables automated attendant and more for the Steelers at the team's corporate offices and training facility. The installation was performed by Dagostino Electronic Services Inc., a Pittsburgh-based company and preferred technology provider for the Steelers.
  • Riverbed Technology Unveils Riverbed SteelCentral UCExpert 5.0
    Riverbed Technology, a provider of application performance infrastructure, announced today its new Riverbed SteelCentralTM UCExpert 5.0, a UC performance management solution with which one can realize proactive management for both Cisco and Avaya UC solutions, and seamlessly manage unified communications infrastructure.
  • Cisco Report Three Threats to its UCS Software
    Near the middle of last week, Cisco announced that it had found three distinct threats to is unified communications services that could allow hackers to gain control of users' systems. Along with that announcement, it has posted fixes for the problems in a software application patch.
  • Unified Inbox: Changing the Face of Communication
    In a world where technology and expansion is constantly adding new modes of communication, especially within the realm of the Internet, solutions such as Unified Inbox are springing up to reduce the clutter and re-simplify what was once a straightforward process.
  • Telemedicine gets Another Strong Player in Verizon
    In yet another sign that telemedicine is gaining traction in the U.S., Verizon has announced that it has thrown its hat into the telemedicine space with its new Verizon Virtual Visits platform.
  • Unified Communications Week in Review
    Unified communications (UC) is gaining plenty of ground as businesses discover the value of time savings, cost savings, and improved collaboration that this powerful new communications style can bring to normal operations.
  • The Next Evolution for Unified Communications: Unified Interactions
    Businesses have been embracing the development of unified communications for some time now. Rather than having to work with multiple applications, software services and devices, unified communications allows businesses to run all their communications through one platform.
  • Proper Headsets Can Drive ROI
    Analysis of unified communications often reveals the nature in which businesses reach out to customers and conduct communications within their own firms. When it comes to contact centers, that analysis does not change much, but recent Frost and Sullivan research has brought to light a part of the UC market that is often overlooked: contact center and office (CC&O) headsets.
  • KBZ Partners with MNS
    KBZ, an award-winning Cisco Authorized Distributor specializing in Collaboration, Unified Communications and TelePresence, recently announced it has enhanced its ZCloud service by including VideoRoaming Cloud, a solution by MNS-provider of the world's largest TelePresence cloud. As a result, the Cisco TelePresence customers with on-premise infrastructure will now be able to leverage excellent customer service along with high quality off-net TelePresence calls to any customer, partner, or supplier.
  • Ricoh Unveils New Group Videoconferencing System
    Tech company Ricoh Americas Corp recently unveiled a new group videoconferencing system that is made by integrating the Unified Communication System P3000 and the PJ WX4141N Ultra Short Throw Business Projection System.
  • Unified Communications Week in Review
    As the field of unified communications (UC) progresses, it brings with it not only new products and services, but also new opportunities for growth, change, and even potential disaster for companies depending on how its put to use. This week proved no exception as a host of new items emerged, and brought along the attendant potential on all sides. Now that a weekend is dawning, we can take a bit of time to consider the wider implications of all this news. So settle in and let's take a moment to run down the biggest news of the week in UC with our Week in Review coverage!
  • Next Gen Jamvee Promises to Take Collaboration to the Next Level
    The nine-to-five work schedule is long gone. In the 14th year of the third millennium, an employee is expected to be available at the drop of a dime, be flexible enough to adapt himself to the toughest of deadline requirements and stay focused on his assignments round the clock. This calls for round the clock collaboration with your colleagues, as well as the people outside of your organization. This can be achieved through the integration of business collaboration tools with corporate and end-user devices. The unified communication platforms such as jamvee can help the corporate pros to stay on top of their project, and deliver the best under the pressure of fast paced corporate culture, contributing to their companies' bottom line.
  • PanTerra Networks' SmartBox Awarded for Excellence
    TMC, a global, integrated media company, has named PanTerra Networks' SmartBox file sync and share service as 2014 Unified Communications Product of the Year Award winner.
  • 2013 Saw Revenue Growth for Unified Communications and Collaboration Market in India
    International Data Corporation (IDC) has released data regarding the Unified Communications and Collaboration market in India for 2013. A shift from hardware-based to software based communication solutions are partially to thank for a marginal growth of 3.8 percent in the second half of 2013 as compared to the second half of 2012.
  • Plum Voice Receives TMC's Unified Communications Product of the Year Award for VoiceTrends
    TMC, a global, integrated media company recently recognized Plum Voice' VoiceTrends with the 2014 Unified Communications Product of the Year Award.
  • Vodafone's OneNet Services Overcome the UC Standardization Hurdles, Driving a Worldwide Adoption
    When it comes to staying connected with the geographically dispersed team members or to responding to the queries of clients and prospects, businesses operating across multiple sites often encounter challenges. An increasing number of multi-site companies today are using unified communications solutions to overcome these communication difficulties. Vodafone's OneNet Global Enterprise (VOGE) suit is one of the UC solutions that has received a significant amount of positive reviews from both businesses using it and industry commentators. The UK telecom giant maintained that standardization was key to the success of its One Net offerings, which is claimed to be currently used by some 3.5 million users worldwide.
  • Coming & Goings: Vertical Communications Names David Krietzberg CFO
    Vertical Communications, a provider of business unified communications (UC) and business telephony, has announced that it has appointed David Krietzberg as its new chief financial operator in the wake of a merger with Fulton Communications.
  • Unified Communications Week in Review
    There was plenty of news to be had this week in the field of unified communications (UC), and as the concept makes significant changes on the way we work-and in some cases the way we live-there's likely to be plenty more development to come. But making sense of all these developments, and how said developments apply to current operations, can be tough to do. So with a weekend now at hand, we can all take a step back, relax a bit, and pin down how the changes in the UC market affect us all as aided by our Week in Review coverage!
  • Infinite Convergence Releases Enterprise Mobile Messaging v7.0 with Multimedia Capabilities
    Mobile technology can quickly deliver messages to customers, business partners and employees and is hence increasingly used by most businesses. Mobile messaging offers an optimized form of communication with its easy and cost effective reach. Its rich multimedia capabilities can deliver more engaging and effective campaigns when compared to print media and email.
  • How to Avoid Unified Communications Missteps
    While a number of new technologies have been introduced in the last few years to improve connections, too many platforms can actually create inefficiencies and wasted time.
  • Business Communications Is Increasingly Dynamic, Marked by 'Unified Interactions'
    Communications in business settings continues to change from what was in place just a few years ago. New methods increase worker flexibility and productivity.
  • RingCentral Invests in the Enterprise
    RingCentral, a cloud business communications provider based in San Mateo, California, is moving forward with a focus on the enterprise market, developing new features and applications that are important to larger businesses. In years past, RingCentral targeted smaller businesses with fewer than 100 employees, but today, the RingCentral Office business communication service can handle larger organizations with 1,000 users or more due in part to a new enterprise-grade packaged offering called RingCentral Office Enterprise Edition
  • Unified Communications Redefine the Private Office
    Communication technology has taken leaps and bounds in the past few years, especially in the form of mobile devices. Specifically, these technologies have combined with lync migration to deliver all of the tools and features that would normally be constrained to an office location into the single handy and portable package of a smartphone. This actually makes it possible for organizations and their leaders to always be accessible, and allows them to take their offices wherever they go.
  • Unified Communications Week in Review
    Unified communications (UC) news this week showed off a new set of meeting collaboration tools from Mindjet, displayed the booming sales of UC-related products and falling revenue in the private branch exchange (PBX) market, demonstrated real-world results for video conferencing in a county prison, and analyzed the usage of network analysis to enhance upload speeds for mobile apps.
  • Flash Networks Improves Upload Speeds for Mobile Apps
    Mobile optimization and monetization solutions enterprise Flash Networks announced recently its new, patented bandwidth utilization technology that allows mobile traffic to transmit signals up to 30 percent faster.
  • Global PBX Revenue Down in Q1 2014
    Global PBX revenue is down 8 percent in Q1 2014 from Q1 2013, according to a new report from Infonetics Research.
  • Telemate's Inmate Communication Solution Caused Drop in the Violence in Utah County Jail
    What is geographical barrier with the technology like Skype and FaceTime? From classrooms to courtrooms and from corporate board rooms to health care facilities- people all over the world are taking advantage of these technologies to interact in the virtual world. Utah County Jail has recently invested in video conferencing technologies from Telemate to help families stay connected to their behind-the-bar loved ones.
  • The PBX Market Can't Stand Against UC Sales
    Technology has a way of replacing itself. When the automobile started coming out, it replaced the horse-drawn carriage for many. The microwave oven also replaced regular stove tops for more than a few people. Hundreds of examples of new technology displacing old technology are abound throughout our history, and now, there's one more. A new report from Infonetics Research shows us that sales of unified communications (UC) systems are utterly ruining the market for private branch exchange (PBX) goods.
  • Mindjet Unveils MindManager Meetings Jetpack to Streamline Meetings
    It is widely believed that most meetings are not effective in solving problems and can prove a waste of time. This is due to poor planning and execution.
  • Unified Communications Week in Review
    Hope you have your popcorn, because it was another barnburner this week in Unified Communications; sit back and enjoy the show.
  • AVST Introduces CX-E at Texas DIR Connect Expo
    Applied Voice & Speech Technologies, a privately held software company in the telecommunication industry is about to roll out the CX-E, the industry's most interoperable Unified Communications (UC) software platform.
  • Address the Challenges of HD Video Conferencing for SMBs
    In the connected world in which we live, video interactions with associated collaboration tools have become increasingly important.
  • FluentStream UC Phone System Set to Revolutionize Enterprise Branch Network
    Cloud, infrastructure application as service (IaaS) and software application as service (SaaS) are the most sought-after technology services among enterprises these days.
  • UC Leader PreCom Score with NY's Buffalo Bills
    The Buffalo Bills, the NFL team based in Orchard Park, NY, have announced a new partnership deal with PremCom, a provider of Unified Communications solutions in Western New York.
  • Unified Communications Week in Review
    Unified Communations (UC) news this week showed off several product announcements. Fonality is pushing its new presence management patent, and Facebook is rumored to be working on a Snapchat competitor. Mobile service provider TIM Brazil now has a communications app of its own, Cumulus and TurboBridge are tackling the telephony-related needs of the state of Texas, and iCore is providing UC servies for a Philadelphia-based real estate firm.
  • Plantronics Wins 2014 Avaya DevConnect Partner Innovation Award
    Plantronics is a major player in audio communications for businesses and consumers. Recently, the company was recognized with the 2014 Avaya DevConnect Partner Innovation award for headset integration with Avaya Aura through Avaya's next generation applications platform, Avaya Aura Collaboration Environment.
  • Comings & Goings: Avaya Makes Moves to Put New Blood in Senior Management
    The senior management of a company has always been a big deal, as this is where the direction of a company is firmly established and put to work. Avaya, meanwhile, recently brought in some fresh talent for its senior management levels, in a bid to keep the company focused on the future and carrying on its current level of success... and then some. To that end, the company has brought in Amy Fliegelman Olli and Andrea Cunningham, each specifically suited to the roles the duo was tapped to fill in Avaya.
  • iCore Delivers Unified Communications Services for Pennrose Real Estate Company
    iCore Networks, a specialist in cloud computing, applications on demand and a provider of cloud-based hosted application services has delivered robust unified communications services to Pennrose, a real estate firm.
  • Cumulus Partners with TurboBridge for Texas Department of Information Resources Contract
    Cumulus Solutions Inc. has partnered with audio conferencing services provider TurboBridge to gain Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR) contract for various conferencing services.
  • Amdocs Unified Communications Helps Power TIM Brasil's Blah Service
    TIM Brasil, a major Brazilian service provider recently selected Amdocs Unified Communications to power its new "blah" service.
  • Facebook Working on its Own Snapchat-like App
    Facebook, unable to acquire Snapchat, began working on its own version, called Slingshot. It may now be getting ready to release that app.
  • Fonality's Heads Up Display's Presence Management System Nets Patent
    Getting a patent these days can be a very valuable thing; just ask any of the companies currently embroiled in legal warfare over the contents of a variety of patents, and what's at stake with a patent will become very clear, very quickly. For Fonality, meanwhile, its own value just increased a bit following the issuance of a new patent in the United States tied to its Heads Up Display (HUD) application, specifically around the presence management technology used in said app.
  • Infonetics' Hosted UC Scorecard with 8x8 ranked #1; Verizon, XO, AT&T tops in IP connectivity
    Let's face it, we all like watching the scoreboard. This is true not just in sports, but when it comes to the business of business the interest in who is up or down is equally as intense. In fact, the parallels in that in both sports and business you can make wagers on winners and losers. The distinct difference is that, note to research firms, in business I have yet to see a betting pool set up on the rankings when market studies and market updates are released.
  • Unified Communications Week in Review
    The world of Unified Communications has seen a variety of exciting events this week; let's take a look and see what happened.
  • GE Capital Introduces New Financing Program for Polycom's Commercial Customers
    GE Capital's Equipment Finance has launched its global financing program for Polycom's commercial customers. Polycom is a major player in secure and flexible video, voice and content management solutions.
  • Cisco Business Edition 7000 Packaged for the Enterprise
    Cisco has introduced a new Business Edition platform that is packaged and price-optimized for enterprises with 1,000 to 5,000 users (although there is no enforced capacity limit). The new Business Edition 7000 comes preloaded with a number of Cisco unified communications (UC) and collaborative applications and is ready-to-run without the complex installation, setup and management typically associated with Cisco's Unified Communications Manager and add-on collaborative solutions.
  • Mutualink Selects LeaseSource
    Mutualink, Inc., which has developed an interoperable communications platform that enables community-wide multimedia sharing of radio, voice, text, video, data files and telephone communications in a secure environment, has partnered with LeaseSource, one of the nation's premier leasing companies, to expand access to interoperable communications platform.
  • BYOD is Only One Step in a Larger Process
    As the bring your own device (BYOD) movement continues to evolve, more and more companies are jumping on this nascent bandwagon. But as a recent blog post from shows, there's more to it that just allowing employees to connect their iPhones to the company server and letting them have at it.
  • Panasonic Releases New Premium Design Series of Cordless Telephones
    The Panasonic KX-PRW120 and KX-PRW130 are a lay-down style phone offering an easy grab-and-grip and comfortable one hand or hands-free operation. Both the models also include a Smartphone Connect feature, which lets a user's tablet or smartphone double as an additional handset to the home phone.
  • SnapChat Finally Adds Chat Room Service To Mobile Application
    Snapchat has just announced a rather major update to it applications that should return it to the middle of an ever-growing instant messaging apps war. The messaging service is adding a chat feature that will make it that much easier to talk to your contacts. The addition of the feature might confuse those who have never used the app, since they would wrongly assume the service always allowed real-time chatting.
  • Unified Communications Week in Review
    Fasten your seatbelts; it's time for the Unified Communications Week in Review! This has been another exciting week in the world of Unified Communications-here a few stories that took center stage.
  • Plantronics UC Headsets Steal the Thunder
    Plantronics has successfully established itself as one of the most respected brands in the traditional enterprise communications space and now in demanding unified communications environments.
  • Hipcricket Enhaces Unified Mobile Engagement Platform AD LIFE
    Hipcricket, a company specializing in mobile engagement and analytics solutions, recently enhanced its AD LIFE platform. Mobile devices are taking center stage in day-to-day life, and it has completely changed the way we communicate and connect. AD LIFE is a unified mobile engagement platform.
  • Unified Communications Week in Review
    As the week wraps up let's take a look back at the week and see what happened in unified communications.
  • Google Hangouts Merge Text and Chat Conversations for All Users
    Keeping track of communications made through text messages or chat clients like Google Hangouts is becoming more of a chore, considering that both of these types of messages are usually done from the same device now. Programs like Facebook Messenger and other third-party apps have solved this problem by merging chat clients with the user's SMS text messaging program, but now Google has joined the club as well: Google users can now access SMS messages and Chat messages from Google Hangouts.
  • New Headset for Unified Communication Strategies
    Unified Communications (UC) brings together different communication devices such as mobile phones, landlines and conferencing into a single integrated application. To make the most of UC, it is important to have the right tools such as a high quality headset. This is why many manufacturers are creating high-end headsets that come with amplifiers and noise canceling technologies.
  • Cognizant Enters into Definitive Agreement to Acquire itaas
    Cognizant, a provider of information technology, consulting, and business process outsourcing services, is all set to acquire itaas, a digital video solutions company headquartered in Atlanta.
  • Business Conversations Need Voice and Visual Information Too
    With all the new forms of access to text information and messaging, including email, SMS, social, IM, unified messaging, voice-to-text messaging, etc., one wonders what will happen to traditional voice-only conversations over the telephone. Don't worry too much, because such voice communication contacts are still efficient and important for person-to-person interactions. Whether done over the legacy PSTN, over VoIP connections, or with mobile devices, voice conversations will always be important and necessary. The only thing is that sometimes voice conversation alone is just not enough to do the job!
  • Unified Communications Week in Review
    It's a short week with the Easter weekend upon us meaning we have just three stories that came up this week in the unified communications industry. Let's take a look.
  • Unified Communications Week in Review
    It's a short week with the Easter weekend upon us meaning we have just three stories that came up this week in the unified communications industry. Let's take a look.
  • UC, VoIP Threats Have Evolved
    Unified Communications (UC) and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) threats have evolved over the past half-dozen years. In response to the trend, Mark Collier, CTO of SecureLogix Corporation and co-author of "Hacking Exposed: Unified Communications & Voice Over IP Security Secrets and Solutions," noted that the second edition of the book focuses on UC application security issues.
  • Review of MegaPAC L2 : The First Portable Workstation
    The first portable workstation, MegaPAC L2, has been created by a company called ACME portable. It was first showcased in the NAB 2014 show in Las Vegas.
  • Intellinote's New User Interface Unifies Workspaces
    An overhauled UI provides users with a clean, modern interface, a revised layout and a new color scheme that promises to increase Intellinote's usability and responsiveness, tremendously.
  • Unified Communications Week in Review
    The weekend is here, which means it's time to take a look at the interesting news events that happened this week in the unified communications industry, where we saw some interesting moves from companies to expand into UC for the future.
  • ANPI and INDATEL Create New Strategic Alliance
    The Hosted Unified Communication market is growing by leaps and bounds. Small and big businesses, including start-ups, are tapping the many benefits of the Hosted Unified Communications services.
  • File Sharing Becomes More User Friendly with Sitedrop
    When Dropbox was first released in 2008, it was a revolutionary breakthrough in file sharing. The time-saving benefit of automatically updating files for the team as they were modified, added or deleted was much easier than emailing the files as attachments or using version control.
  • Mutualink's Communications Platform Enhances K-12 Schools' Safety and Security
    Recently, Mutualink, an IP-based multimedia overlay network launched a secure multi-media communications platform in order to enhance K-12 schools' safety and security.
  • Huawei Outlines its Vision to Support the Growth of Omani Enterprises
    Technology solutions associated with new trends like bring-your-own-device (BYOD) and Unified Communication are crucial for mid-market enterprises to strive for success in a highly competitive landscape.
  • A Peek into Jupiter Systems' Canvas 2.0
    Business intelligence is a key differentiator for successful companies in today's competitive environment. Business intelligence is the data that every company needs in order to make the best strategic decisions that will serve the company's interests in both the short- and long-term. To make smart decisions, companies need the most accurate and real-time business intelligence. To meet the needs of such companies for high-quality business intelligence, a company called Jupiter Systems has released software called Canvas 2.0.
  • NetPlus Offering Tips on Transitioning to UC
    .Gilmour will give valuable information about the problems that frequently occur during migrations and explain how using NetPlus VoIP Transition Tool can help in migration, cutting costs and successful completion of projects.
  • Unified Communications Week in Review
    The first week of April brought us a variety of news in the Unified Communications industry. With the week coming to a close, we've chosen some of the best news stories below.
  • Zultys MX250 IP Phone System Wins the INTERNET TELEPHONY Magazine's 2013 Unified Communications Excellence Award
    Zultys, a provider of unified communications, stated that its Zultys MX250 IP phone system won the 2013 Unified Communications Excellence Award presented by INTERNET TELEPHONY magazine.
  • Mutare Introduces New EVM3 Unified Messaging Application
    Mutare, an independent software developer, recently launched its next generation unified messaging application, EVM3.
  • Sonexis Technology Announces Availability of ConferenceManager2
    Sonexis Technology, Inc. recently expanded its flagship conferencing product line by releasing an enhanced on-premise audio and web conferencing solution for the enterprise, known as the ConferenceManager2.
  • The Promise of Unified Communications (UC) Realized via Hosted Solutions
    For those with a somewhat long memory you are more than aware that Unified Communications (UC) has been around for many years. The allure, going all the way back to when we used to call UC "Unified Messaging" is the ability to reduce costs and speed decision-making and responsiveness by giving all of us access to things like voice, all types of messaging (email, voice mail, text, chat, video conferencing, presence, etc.), and now includes the exploding population of enterprise apps and collaboration tools.
  • Video Guidance's Cloud-Based Services are Now Supported by Acano Platform
    Video Guidance, an independent, strategic visual communications company that customizes state-of-the-art products, services and solutions from the world's finest manufacturers, has recently introduced new cloud-based services, which incorporate Acano's technology. The new service offers Acano's unique features and functions nationwide in Video Guidance's VG Connect MeetingSpace offering.
  • CommLogik Brings Value-added UC Technology to Latin America
    At U.S. based technology shows, which are often dominated by North American companies, it's easy to forget that the U.S. and Canada don't represent all of the Americas. Technology opportunities, particularly in the unified communications and contact center space, are in high growth mode in Latin America, as well.
  • ChitrChatr Sees 388 Percent Growth for UC Platform Ahead of Launch
    Montreal-based messaging services company ChitrChatr Communications Inc. has announced that the anticipation for its soon-to-be-released Comprehensive Universal Unified Communications Platform (CUUCP) has risen exponentially.
  • Most Companies Not Using UC Plan to Implement it Soon
    Based on the way the unified communications space has been growing lately - the U.S. SMB UC market alone is expected to grow at a CAGR of 13.8 percent over the next couple years - it's not hard to guess that UC is fast becoming essential to every business and enterprise. It's always better to get some hard research on the subject. Fortunately, Cloud services company Evolve IP has done just that.
  • Travel Down UCC Maturely - It is All about Opportunities and Challenges
    Effective communication and collaboration is the key business differentiator to any organization today. Businesses have started using enhanced collaboration tools, social media, messaging capabilities and mobile interaction, to match with the fundamental shift in customers' expectations.
  • Unified Communications Week in Review
    Another week, another hectic round of news to get up to speed on; there's nothing quiet in the Unified Communications industry of late. Let's take a look.
  • FCC's Chairman Floats a Proposal to Allow Spectrum Sharing
    Mobile devices and data traffic are growing exponentially for both consumers and business professionals. The soaring demand for mobile data will result to spectrum shortages and network slowdowns in the years ahead. The bandwidth crunch will create slow data rates, dropped connections, and freezing web pages. So what is the solution of these problems?
  • Actiance Enables Social Media, Modern-day Communications Compliance
    When Reed Hastings, Netflix CEO, announced the video streaming service had streamed its one-billionth hour, he made the announcement on Facebook. Not an uncommon move in today's world of real-time access to information and social media. However, Hastings never gave the SEC a heads up that Facebook would be a channel used to disclose material information, and caught attention because it could be potentially used to sway stock value. It ultimately was viewed as an honest mistake, and not a malicious move, but it set the precedent for all public companies.
  • SimpleSignal Reveals Unified Tech of the Future Today
    SimpleSignal is a Software as a Service (SaaS) provider of cloud-based voice, video, mobility and collaboration services. The company integrates directly into workflow and applications - with more than 2,000 businesses using its services and more than 60,000 end points.
  • Phoenix Manufacturing Uses Toshiba's IPedge Business Telephone System
    Phoenix Manufacturing, an industrial custom metal fabrication facility that produces products for multiple industrial applications including Air Filtration, is using the new Toshiba IPedg IP-based business telephone system to meet its communication goals.
  • Unified Office Introduces Total Connect Now, a New UC Cloud Platform
    Unified Office, a provider of managed services with expertise in business communications for the Small and Medium-sized Business (SMB) customer, has unveiled Total Connect Now (TCN) 3.0 - a new hybrid cloud service for unified communications that it hopes will up the ante for VoIP.
  • LaSalle Solutions Demos High Level of Expertise with Cisco Voice and Unified Communications Solutions; Achieves Master Unified Communications Specialization
    Partnerships can offer an enhanced set of skills and capabilities to the members involved. LaSalle Solutions, a provider of life-cycle management services for technology and capital assets, confirmed that the company has successfully fulfilled the training requirements and program prerequisites to sell, deploy, and support Cisco Unified Communications solutions and thus has achieved the Master Unified Communications Specialization from Cisco.
  • Dimension Data Adds Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution to UC portfolio
    Dimension Data, a company with nearly thirty years of experience in delivering ICT services and solutions, is expanding its offerings with the addition of Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution (HCS) to its cloud-based Unified Communications services.

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