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  • Unified Communications Week in Review: Of Risks & Rewards
    It was another major week for news on the unified communications (UC) front, but this week, a particular focus developed around the risks and the rewards when it comes to putting UC to work. No technology comes without risk, but all too often, there are plenty of rewards waiting for those who put it to work properly. Thus, as the long-awaited weekend arrives, we can take a step back and consider the events of the week more fully, which we'll do right now with our Week in Review coverage!
  • Survey: Staff Communication, Training are Bottlenecks in UC Adoption
    A recent survey by Softchoice Corp., a Toronto-based reseller and IT consulting firm, suggests managers are not talking enough to staff before deploying solutions made up of a variety of communication tools.
  • Carousel Industries Highlights the Value of UC in Business Collaboration
    The flexibility information and communication technologies (ICT) provides is allowing companies to collaborate more efficiently with their workforce, customers and partners without geographical limitations. As long as there is a reliable Internet connection, organizations are able to come together and resolve issues to finalize projects and seek new opportunities.
  • GMS Partners with Acano to Expand Video Conferencing Technology
    Global Media Services (GMS), an international cross-vendor Unified Communications (UC) provider, is partnering with Acano to bring the products of the British company to markets in Germany, Austria and Switzerland (DACH region). The full service provider broadened its service portfolio to a highly scalable video conferencing infrastructure and additional UC solutions, according to Telepresence Options. Acano products are ideal for companies seeking to integrate multiple platforms such as Microsoft Lync, Skype, telephony and standards-based audio/video.
  • The Privacy of Text Messaging For Mobile Users
    Text messaging in near-real time is a practical way to make contact and exchange information with people and is becoming readily available through smartphones and tablets. Text chat (IM) has rapidly become a convenient way to communicate person-to-person and even in groups. Rather than a traditional phone call being a first step for contacts with people, we now see various forms of text-based communications becoming the starting point, whether it be an IM contact (e.g., Lync), an email, an SMS message, or even a social post.
  • All Points Logistics Wins Enterprise-Wide Procurement Contract from NASA
    All Points Logistics was selected for a $20 billion Solutions Enterprise Wide Procurement V contract, allowing NASA to obtain IT, communication, networking, security, conferencing and audio-visual products, solutions, and related services.
  • Unified Communications Week in Review: Open for Business
    Unified communications (UC) is a field that's making a lot of gains, in education, in homes to some extent, and perhaps clearest of all, in business. This week in UC featured several critical developments for UC in the enterprise, and now that we've got a weekend at our doorstep, it's a good time to take a step back and consider the wider impact of all this news, a process made simpler by consulting our Week in Review coverage!
  • Study Predicts the Market for High-Definition Voice to Touch $2.29 Billion by 2019
    The market for HD voice or wideband audio is growing exponentially and this is proving to be a vital area for the IP communications industry. Currently, the technology is taking the power of voice communications to the next level covering all types of voice-based communications, including video conferencing, audio conferencing, web conferencing, multimedia conferencing, audio broadcast, and announcement services.
  • Q2 2014 Tech Reports Show Rise in Cloud VoIP, UC and IoT Applications
    The numbers from the second quarter (Q2) of 2014 are starting to arrive from analyst firms, including the Dell'Oro Group, Infonetics Research, Information Week, Gartner and CollabTel/CXO Reports. These groups, who all conduct research on emerging technology markets and how they are growing have all released sales figures to show which markets are expanding and by how much.
  • Telstra Signs Deal with Tata, Reaches 116 PoPs in India
    Australian telecom Telstra has recently been given access to India's Tata Communications, which will provide its multinational customers with increased connectivity to several cities within India such as Jaipur, Surat, and Trichy.
  • Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution Portfolio Now Includes VOSS UC Management Framework
    VOSS-4-UC is a telecommunications service fulfillment management platform introduced by VOSS Solutions, designed specifically for next generation enterprise communications, in the public / private cloud. This solution is now part of version 10.1.1 of the Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution (HCS), under the name CUCDM 10.1.1.
  • Orange Business Services Positioned in Gartner Leaders Quadrant
    Although there are numerous companies offering Unified Communications services, only a few companies get the recognition from the top analysts in the industry.
  • Unified Communications Week in Review: Powering Education & Beyond
    While the idea of "back to school" season has pretty much quieted down, there's still quite a bit of educational development going on in the field. This week in unified communications (UC) was absolutely rife with news about augmenting the educational experience, and now that we've got a weekend on hand, it's a great time to take a step back and consider the wider events of the week that was with our Week in Review coverage!
  • AnyMeeting Writes for Small Businesses on a New Global Page
    Cash-strapped small businesses face challenges, but if they are to remain in the running, they need technology such as Web conferencing that helps them go global, but at the same time affordable and scalable. Realizing this, AnyMeeting, which has taken up the cudgels in their defense, has now introduced U.S. toll-free and international dial-in options in more than 40 countries, almost exclusively to cater to the needs of small businesses.
  • Wheelings & Dealings: Locqus Nets Funding to Better Drive Mobile Workforces
    The mobile workforce is an exciting idea that allows for a lot of great potential opportunities. Not only is there a significant boost to employee morale, but so too is there new flexibility and opportunity to make contacts and achieve revenue that hadn't previously been available due to issues of time zone and the like. But there's often some concern with the mobile workforce about whether the employee in question is where that employee needs to be, when that employee needs to be there. Locqus, a startup from Detroit, offered up a new and exciting answer to that, and is backed up by fully $2 million in seed funding.
  • Unify's IT Solutions to Improve Administration in Higher Education
    The busiest time for colleges is during admissions season when the administration has to go through thousands of applications to identify the right candidate. During this time, administrative employees also have to take hundreds of calls every day to clarify questions about the college, course and admission process. This busy trend is likely to continue in the future, as more international students are likely to be enrolled in higher education courses within and outside their country. In fact, UN Chronicle estimates that more than a quarter of a billion students will be in higher educational institutions by 2025.
  • AvayaLive Engage: Transforming the Learning Environment
    Access to information is one of the key tenets of receiving a great education, and today's technology makes that possible more than any other time in history. Using a smartphone, tablet or PC, a student can get virtually all the information they need through their school's intranet or the Internet at a click of a button.
  • Unified Communications Week in Review: Partnerships Aplenty
    This week in unified communications (UC) featured an unusual twist: plenty of news about partnerships within the industry itself. While UC often helps businesses in terms of yielding better collaborations among users, this week featured several new connections within the business sector itself. So with a weekend now at hand, partner up with us as we run down the biggest events of the week that was in our Week in Review coverage!
  • Evolving Delivery Options Adversely Impact Demand for Premises-based Business Communications Solutions in Calendar Q2
    The North American Business Communications market declined moderately during the second quarter of 2014 after performing similarly during the first 3 months of the year. Based on the IntelliCom Market Performance Dashboard 2nd Quarter 2014 Report, total manufacturer product revenues across all premise-based voice platforms, end user devices, and traditional and Unified Communications (UC) software applications fell by 8.3 percent compared to the same period a year ago.
  • Skype and JacksGap Collaborate on 'Following Heart' Video Series
    Skype has enlisted the help of an online blog and video firm called JacksGap to produce a three-part series called "Following Heart," telling the stories of three different women around the world and how they use Skype to improve their livelihood. JacksGap is a small establishment run by two brothers, Finn and Jack Harries, who organize crews consisting of several other contributors on a project-by-project basis.
  • United Spinal Association Partners with Ivycorp
    United Spinal Association has entered into partnership with Ivycorp, makers of a cloud-based multi-channel group communications platform called Ivytalk, to maximize digital communication.
  • Hang w/ 3.2 Hits the Market
    MEDL Mobile, Inc., a company that has introduced revolutionary, patent-pending Hang w/ app, has recently announced the release of Hang w/ 3.2 -enhanced with new features.
  • Unified Communications Week in Review: Juniper Networks, AT&T, Unified Inbox
    It's the end of another week, and time to take a look at some of the top unified communications stories we've been following this week.
  • Top Five Tips and Tricks to Master Video Conference Meetings
    As more and more companies are saving time and money by moving to video conference platforms, employees have to adapt to the virtual environment. There are a few things to take into consideration when implementing video conferencing in your office.
  • How SocialGrow Will Help Drive Unified Inbox's Unified Communications Plan
    Recently, Unified Inbox announced that it had acquired SocialGrow, a firm that offered up a new breed of social networking application. This acquisition brought with it an exciting new proposition in unified communications (UC) that should serve to give Unified Inbox users a lot more utility in the field, as well as a much simpler means to stay in touch.
  • Phone Service Provider to Deploy Unified Communication Platform for Shell
    Communications provider AT&T has announced that it will migrate Shell employees to a new unified communications platform over the next five years.
  • Juniper to Provide Critical Hardware for BroadSoft's Global BroadCloud Data Centers
    The mass migration by individuals and organizations to the cloud is responsible for the growth of data centers around the world. These facilities require technology that ensures they'll be up and running 24 hours a day with low failure rates, therefore every component must be of the highest quality to make this possible. Juniper Networks, provider of routing, switching, security and software technology for networks, announced BroadSoft has deployed its routing, switching and security products, as well as Juniper Networks Support for its BroadCloud platform.
  • Blue Jeans Collaborates with Tely Labs for Building Affordable Video Cloud Conferencing Systems
    Blue Jeans Network, a provider of interoperable cloud-based video collaboration services, is working with Tely Labs, a provider of affordable of video conferencing systems, in order to design and develop a new video collaboration tool that caters to the requirement of small and medium businesses.
  • Unified Communications Week in Review: Masergy, Mitel, Vodafone
    It's the end of another week, and time to take a look at some of the top unified communications news.
  • SMBs Can and Should Join the Video Era
    For decades industry observers, me included on occasion, have declared, "Next year will be the year of enterprise video conferencing!" Unfortunately, like the play Waiting for Godot, the question as they years have gone by is, "When will it ever come?"
  • You Really Can't Afford to Wait on a UC Deployment Any Longer
    The time for your organization to not just consider but deploy state-of-the-art UC is now. The reasons are manifest. In fact, the benefits are demonstrable based on numerous use cases. I mention this not just based on anecdotal conversations, but on hard facts. The facts that you need to consider if you have lingering questions as to whether UC should be in your immediate future.
  • Vodafone's Cloud Based UC Solution Debuts in the UK
    In an effort to expand its clientele among the U.K.'s large private and public sector players, Vodafone UK has expanded its One Net unified communication (UC) solution portfolio.
  • Mitel Recognized in Gartner's Visionaries Quadrant
    Gartner, Inc. the world's premier information technology research and advisory company, recently positioned Mitel in the Visionaries quadrant of the latest Magic Quadrant for Unified Communications as a Service.
  • Masergy Releases Cloud-Based Analytics for Enterprise Unified Communications
    Ensuring your unified communications (UC) system is running at full speed is a key component of its ongoing use. While no company wants its UC system to experience periods of downtime, often VoIP and UC quality issues can be hard to pin down, much less to resolve.
  • Unified Communications Week in Review: Alcatel-Lucent, MegaPath, IDC
    It's the end of another week, and time to take a look at some of the top stories in the world of unified communications.
  • Videoconferencing Hardware Vendors Shifting Gears, Embracing Software
    Recent news suggests that the videoconferencing market is seeing both increased interest in software and video management technologies alongside a multi-year slide in revenue. This mix of fortunes is causing some veteran vendors to reconsider their positions in the market to try to keep pace with startups that are making headway with software-based approaches.
  • AdvanTel Networks Launches Next-Generation Unified Communication Cloud Solution
    AdvanTel Networks, recently unveiled vcCloud, the company's next-generation Unified Communication cloud solution.
  • New Unified Communications Service is Launched
    MegaPath Corporation, operator of end-to-end communications networks providing commercial and wholesale services, has announced it is now providing UC services to meet the growing demand in the marketplace.
  • Hospice Center Upgrades Unified Communications System
    A not-for-profit hospice care center in New Zealand announced this past week that it has updated its communications systems by pairing with several technology providers.
  • Unified Communications Week in Review
    It's the end of another week, and time to take a look at some of the top Unified Communications news.
  • UC Market to Grow to $78.5B by 2020
    A recent report concerning the future of the unified communications market suggests that, as a whole, it will continue to rise through 2020. Various segments of this market will make their impact on businesses in different ways, and one news site suggests that videoconferencing, advanced telephony, and presence features will become prominent functions in the coming years and will define how businesses conduct their operations and how they interact with clients.
  • Grand View Research Releases New Report on Unified communication Market Trends
    Many companies have realized the salient benefits of Unified communication. It is adapted by organizations to enhance business processes, save time and enhance productivity of the employees using a convenient mode of communication. This concept is currently used in various sectors such as retail, transportation, banks financial services and insurance (BFSI) and other business enterprises.
  • GFI FaxMaker 2014 Announces Support for Windows 7 and 8
    GFI Software has announced that the company's GFI FaxMaker 2014 now supports machines running Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1 operating systems. This is integral for companies that rely mainly on faxing, as they will now be able to comply with various regulations.
  • PBX Sales Stagnating while Unified Communications Sales are Soaring
    Over the course of a year, it appears that the sales of Private Branch Exchange (PBX) devices have slightly sank, while over the same period of time unified communication sales have skyrocketed. In-house private branch exchanges are important for traditional business telephony networks as well as for those using SIP trunking for Voice over IP (VoIP) phone service. For some time there has been competition between in-house and hosted PBX business VoIP phone systems, but this new set of data released by Infonetics Research seems to indicate that the rise of Unified Communications systems has supplanted the role of PBX systems.
  • Unified Communications Week in Review
    It's the end of another week, and time to take a look at some of the top stories we've been following in the world of unified communications.
  • Wheelings & Dealings: Thinking Phone Networks Acquires Whaleback Managed Services
    Thinking Phone Networks, a provider of unified communications as a service (UCaaS), has acquired managed unified communications (UC) provider Whaleback Managed Services.
  • Surge in Mobile Workforce and Proliferation of Smartphones Fueling Growth in Global UC Market
    Interestingly, hosted unified communications solutions are likely to overtake their on premise siblings in popularity. The reasons are obvious: the installation and maintenance costs associated with hosted solutions are lot cheaper than the premise-based UC solutions.
  • Why Now is the Time to Deploy Unified Communications (UC)
    At the risk of seeming repetitive, coming of our ITEXPO event in Las Vegas I got first hand reaffirmation from vendors and end users alike that not only has Unified Communications (UC) matured to the point where its deliverable meet its promises, but that for enterprises of any size having a robust UC environment has moved from nicety to necessity. In what I have called "The Age of Acceleration"-where the only constants are change and the speed at which it is increasing-having real-time collaboration tools that are interoperable across the enterprise and around the world are table stakes for success going forward.
  • Wheelings & Dealings: Capital Fuels Growth for Unified Office
    Unified Office is a fast growing company focused in cloud-based managed services and unified communication solutions. Purpose-built from the ground up, its Total Connect Now service is designed especially for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs).
  • Three Major Forces Driving AMI
    Major forces driving the Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) market are regulatory mandates, increasing global energy demand, and the need to improve utility efficiency and customer service level, says a new research report on AMI unveiled by, an online market research reports library.
  • ITEXPO Panel Considers the Future of the Telephone Number
    What is the future of the telephone number in a world in which unified communications is increasingly moving to an over-the-top model? That was the question posed during today's ITEXPO panel titled OTT and UC: The Future of the Telephone Number.
  • The Millennials Are Coming: How Will You Adjust Your Communications, Collaboration Tools?
    There's no disputing that a new generation is making its way to the business world. In fact, by 2025, those born between the 80's and 90's, affectionately dubbed the Millennials, will make up the majority of the workforce.
  • Why Social Collaboration has Become More Important than Ever
    It's happening everywhere. Businesses are going global and beginning to feel the strain of having to manage employees across oceans and continents. These employees their employer will probably never see are starting to have a place in companies whose doors they will probably never walk through. Welcome to the era of remote employment!
  • Provisioning in Cisco Unified Communications Manager Made Simple
    Of the many tasks enterprise IT departments are asked to perform, regardless of their size, provisioning of services to end users is one, to be kind, they do not enjoy. Getting it right the first time is the goal, but many times-especially when it comes to the provisioning of feature-rich content in a real-time world-unified communications (UC) services are needed.
  • Gartner's Magic Quadrant for UC Reveals Issues Throughout Field
    When it comes to UC, the Magic Quadrant report should cover all the bases and most of the outfield, too, so those wanting a broad look at a steadily-growing industry should find plenty to like on this release.
  • Mitel Recognized as a Leader in Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Unified Communications
    Gartner, Inc., the world's premier information technology research and advisory company, recently positioned Mitel in the Leaders quadrant of the latest Magic Quadrant for Unified Communications.
  • Up-and-Coming UC Vendor Targets Small Businesses
    BroadSoft recently beat analyst estimates of its possible earnings for this year by posting earnings of $1.7 million in the second quarter. Its total revenue for the quarter reached $52.5 million which marks an increase of 19 percent over the same time last year when it brought in $44 million in Q2 2013. According to information provided by Light Reading, the most recent financial mark represents BroadSoft's highest-ever quarterly result.
  • NTT Communications Partners with Arkadin
    NTT Communications, an information and communications solutions company has announced that two of its subsidiaries have managed to put together a couple of reselling agreements that will only make global cloud based network integration that much easier. Even better is that the agreements the firms have managed to forge will also make those easier solutions totally available on demand. Arkadin and NTT America are both among the fastest growing UCC service providers, and are both subsidiaries of NTT Communications.
  • Unified Communications Week in Review
    Obi-Wan Kenobi once described the Force as that which gives a Jedi his or her power; a pervasive entity that "surrounds us and penetrates us, and binds the galaxy together." Apart from being an epic quote from an immovable movie, in it is wisdom applicable to many such things in our own lives, such as unified communications: the technological solution that certainly surrounds and binds companies together. Let us now take a look forward, in a galaxy not so long ago, or so far away, at this week in UC.
  • AVST Unveils CX-H for Hospitality Sector
    Communication technology has grown leaps and bounds in the last decade or so. But companies belonging to diverse business sectors often find it difficult to explore the possibilities of these technologies. This is mainly because most of the communication solutions are general; therefore these new solutions do not suit the unique needs of specific sectors.
  • Mitel Wins National Joint Powers Alliance Contract
    Mitel, a company that provides business communications solutions, recently announced that the company has won the National Joint Powers Alliance (NJPA) contract for telecommunications, wireless, and related equipment and services for second time.
  • BroadSoft Acquires SDD, Introduces UC-One Hospitality
    Bolstered by its acquisition of Systems Design & Development, Inc. (SDD), Broadsoft has introduced a unified communication offering specially designed for the hospitality sector. This unique offering is expected to help companies in the hospitality vertical to end their reliance on PBX system and enjoy the benefits of a modern unified communications system.
  • IceWarp Interviews Patra Corporation, Describes Mail Hosting Success Story
    IceWarp, a unified communications solutions provider, recently spoke with Patra Corporation, a managed services company that works with insurance agencies, about its switch from using a hosted Microsoft Exchange server to using an on-premise IceWarp messaging solution.
  • Unified Communications Week in Review
    Each week in review for unified communications (UC) continues to drive home the perennial maxim that this market is not static, not stagnant, and continues to move forward and evolve. Between one major product change from Google, and some exciting national and internationally focused facts and figures, it is clear that for UC, evolution is indeed the name of the game. So without further ado, let's dive in.
  • Hangouts Joins Apps for Business, Loses Google+ Prerequisite
    Hangouts has always been a useful little app, connecting you with friends and family through a means of chat and video messaging that connects seamlessly across multiple platforms; connecting you, that is, if you fulfilled the prerequisite of owning and operating a Google+ account. Now however, as announced by Google this week, Hangouts will be allotted to anyone with a Google Apps account, driving yet another proverbial nail into the Google+ coffin.
  • Customers Have Clear Expectations in Customer Service, But Are Those Being Met?
    There is often a difference between what people say and how they say it. Anyone with the simplest grasp of sarcasm knows how modifying pitch and tone can turn a compliment into a scathing insult. In customer service, meanwhile, this is no different, and may have even greater potential ramifications for the business. It's one thing to gather the customer service staff for a five minute huddle and tell said staff to not just talk the talk, but walk the walk, but as a look at the problem from Business 2 Community shows, making sure what's said and what's meant can be a much more complex task.
  • Workers Using Tech Creatively to Accomplish More Remotely
    A growing number of workers are spending some or all of their day working outside of the office. According to a new survey, telecommuting was up 79 percent between 2005 and 2012.
  • A Look Into the Latin America UC Market
    Latin America is one of the rapidly growing regions in the world today with a projected GDP of 3.2 percent in 2014. This growth has been steady over the last few years, and has given rise to economic stability. Due to this stability, many companies in the information and Communication technologies have turned to this region. To make the most of this interest from foreign companies, Latin America has also increased its investments leading to a positive environment for the technology industry.
  • Unified Communications Week in Review
    Just halfway through 2014 and already unified communications (UC) has contributed a torrent of exciting news stories, product announcements, and edifying focus studies. So hop in, and let's take a tour of the latest interest UC has to offer.
  • Jabra Introduces New Jabra Vendor Services Group Program
    Jabra, a brand of GN Netcom and a subsidiary of GN Store Nord A/S (GN), has recently introduced Jabra Vendor Services Group Program to its North American customers and partners, enabling them to cut down on large up-front capital expenses and move into a monthly subscription based payment model.
  • Why Unified Communications is Worth Consideration
    If you're like the majority of businesses operating in North America, you still lack the completely seamless experience that's possible through VoIP and Unified Communications. As much as we talk about the values associated with sending voice communications across one network, too many businesses are still stuck to their legacy PBXs as it's too risk to move or they simply haven't bought into what they assume is hype.
  • Provisioning Cisco's Unified Communications Manager Doesn't Have to Be a Challenge
    Today's unified communications systems offer a huge number of features, often taking the place of traditional telecom and telephony systems. But with that functionality and variety comes the complexity of deploying and managing these systems, which can often be costly and time consuming for IT departments and service providers.
  • Grand View Research: A Buoyant Unified Communication in the Offering
    Organizations the world over are looking for ways to reduce cost without compromising on efficiency and productivity. Unified communications (UC) is bringing with it a whiff of fresh air that promises to give them what they want. Is it surprising then that Grand View Research, Inc., a market research and consulting company, forecasts an upward trend for this market?
  • University of Southern California Installs Centrify User Suite to Improve Learning of Its Students
    University of Southern California (USC), a private research university and home to more than 38,000 students and 3,500 full-time faculty members, has recently installed Centrify User Suite to offer protected remote and on-site single sign-on (SSO) access to university applications and computing resources.
  • Unified Communications Week in Review
    This week in unified communications has indeed been an eclectic one, with topics covering trending products in this vertical, to trends in the vertical itself. Follow this author, all the way down the rabbit hole, as we explore the exciting world of UC.
  • MarketsandMarkets Forecasts Enterprise Video Market to Reach $32.87 Billion by 2019
    MarketsandMarkets, a global market research and consulting company recently unveiled a new report which indicated that the global Enterprise Video Market is likely to grow from $13.01 billion in 2014, to $32.87 billion in 2019. This represents a compound annual growth rate of 20.4% during the forecast period.
  • [24]7's Mobile Chat App to Optimize Experience for Optus Customers
    Today's tech savvy customers look for smart options, real-time solutions, and expect an omnichannel experience when they interact with customer service. Optus, the second largest telecommunications company in Australia, chose [24]7 as a partner to help improve the experience for its customers, and to save them time.
  • Option Service Telecom Licenses SPIRIT's VideoMost Multipoint Web Videoconferencing Solution
    Option Service Telecom, a French service provider, has licensed VideoMost, a massively multipoint Web-based videoconferencing software-only product that helps telecom carriers, service/SaaS providers and enterprises to provide a self-branded videoconferencing service, either from the cloud or with an on premise installation.
  • Device-as-a-Service Offering is a Unified Communications Solution for Businesses
    A new pay-as-you-go pricing scheme for Plantronics' Device as a Service offers 12, 24 and 36-month programs that service providers can then distribute to their subscribers.
  • IceWarp Simplifies Administration and Management of UC Environments
    No one can deny the massive features afforded through Microsoft email and messaging solutions. But while users benefit from an array of communications and collaboration functionality, IT departments often struggle to manage, maintain and secure what can amount to a giant and complex infrastructure.
  • Nepal Telecom to Embrace Unified Communication System
    Nepal Telecom (NT) has been striving to provide value to its customers by delivering quality service using technologies that meet their requirements. In line with that commitment, it is exploring the possibility of delivering unified communication (UC) services to the masses.
  • Unified Communications Week in Review
    Ill tidings marred the start of the week, elicited from Cisco's discovery of three separate threats in its Unified Communications Domain Manager. Historically utilized as a means of handling administrative tasks for Cisco Unity Connection and Cisco Jabber, as well as others pertaining to phone and soft client integrated applications, each threat, if not immediately patched, may allow cybercriminals to view and commandeer personal user information. Click here for more details on which Cisco constituencies were affected, and be sure to patch liberally.
  • Investment Advisers Must Prepare for Generational Shift
    Internet publication InvestmentNews recently led a research study surveying both advisers and investors on thoughts regarding current modes of communication as well as what they see for the future.
  • Pittsburgh Steelers and AVST Combine to Tackle Unified Communications
    Applied Voice & Speech Technologies, Inc. (AVST) announced today that it has been selected by the Pittsburgh Steelers to provide unified communications for team personnel. The private software company will deliver unified messaging, voicemail, Atom personal assistant, mobile client, speech-enables automated attendant and more for the Steelers at the team's corporate offices and training facility. The installation was performed by Dagostino Electronic Services Inc., a Pittsburgh-based company and preferred technology provider for the Steelers.
  • Riverbed Technology Unveils Riverbed SteelCentral UCExpert 5.0
    Riverbed Technology, a provider of application performance infrastructure, announced today its new Riverbed SteelCentralTM UCExpert 5.0, a UC performance management solution with which one can realize proactive management for both Cisco and Avaya UC solutions, and seamlessly manage unified communications infrastructure.
  • Cisco Report Three Threats to its UCS Software
    Near the middle of last week, Cisco announced that it had found three distinct threats to is unified communications services that could allow hackers to gain control of users' systems. Along with that announcement, it has posted fixes for the problems in a software application patch.
  • Unified Inbox: Changing the Face of Communication
    In a world where technology and expansion is constantly adding new modes of communication, especially within the realm of the Internet, solutions such as Unified Inbox are springing up to reduce the clutter and re-simplify what was once a straightforward process.
  • Telemedicine gets Another Strong Player in Verizon
    In yet another sign that telemedicine is gaining traction in the U.S., Verizon has announced that it has thrown its hat into the telemedicine space with its new Verizon Virtual Visits platform.
  • Unified Communications Week in Review
    Unified communications (UC) is gaining plenty of ground as businesses discover the value of time savings, cost savings, and improved collaboration that this powerful new communications style can bring to normal operations.
  • The Next Evolution for Unified Communications: Unified Interactions
    Businesses have been embracing the development of unified communications for some time now. Rather than having to work with multiple applications, software services and devices, unified communications allows businesses to run all their communications through one platform.
  • Proper Headsets Can Drive ROI
    Analysis of unified communications often reveals the nature in which businesses reach out to customers and conduct communications within their own firms. When it comes to contact centers, that analysis does not change much, but recent Frost and Sullivan research has brought to light a part of the UC market that is often overlooked: contact center and office (CC&O) headsets.
  • KBZ Partners with MNS
    KBZ, an award-winning Cisco Authorized Distributor specializing in Collaboration, Unified Communications and TelePresence, recently announced it has enhanced its ZCloud service by including VideoRoaming Cloud, a solution by MNS-provider of the world's largest TelePresence cloud. As a result, the Cisco TelePresence customers with on-premise infrastructure will now be able to leverage excellent customer service along with high quality off-net TelePresence calls to any customer, partner, or supplier.
  • Ricoh Unveils New Group Videoconferencing System
    Tech company Ricoh Americas Corp recently unveiled a new group videoconferencing system that is made by integrating the Unified Communication System P3000 and the PJ WX4141N Ultra Short Throw Business Projection System.
  • Unified Communications Week in Review
    As the field of unified communications (UC) progresses, it brings with it not only new products and services, but also new opportunities for growth, change, and even potential disaster for companies depending on how its put to use. This week proved no exception as a host of new items emerged, and brought along the attendant potential on all sides. Now that a weekend is dawning, we can take a bit of time to consider the wider implications of all this news. So settle in and let's take a moment to run down the biggest news of the week in UC with our Week in Review coverage!
  • Next Gen Jamvee Promises to Take Collaboration to the Next Level
    The nine-to-five work schedule is long gone. In the 14th year of the third millennium, an employee is expected to be available at the drop of a dime, be flexible enough to adapt himself to the toughest of deadline requirements and stay focused on his assignments round the clock. This calls for round the clock collaboration with your colleagues, as well as the people outside of your organization. This can be achieved through the integration of business collaboration tools with corporate and end-user devices. The unified communication platforms such as jamvee can help the corporate pros to stay on top of their project, and deliver the best under the pressure of fast paced corporate culture, contributing to their companies' bottom line.
  • PanTerra Networks' SmartBox Awarded for Excellence
    TMC, a global, integrated media company, has named PanTerra Networks' SmartBox file sync and share service as 2014 Unified Communications Product of the Year Award winner.
  • 2013 Saw Revenue Growth for Unified Communications and Collaboration Market in India
    International Data Corporation (IDC) has released data regarding the Unified Communications and Collaboration market in India for 2013. A shift from hardware-based to software based communication solutions are partially to thank for a marginal growth of 3.8 percent in the second half of 2013 as compared to the second half of 2012.
  • Plum Voice Receives TMC's Unified Communications Product of the Year Award for VoiceTrends
    TMC, a global, integrated media company recently recognized Plum Voice' VoiceTrends with the 2014 Unified Communications Product of the Year Award.
  • Vodafone's OneNet Services Overcome the UC Standardization Hurdles, Driving a Worldwide Adoption
    When it comes to staying connected with the geographically dispersed team members or to responding to the queries of clients and prospects, businesses operating across multiple sites often encounter challenges. An increasing number of multi-site companies today are using unified communications solutions to overcome these communication difficulties. Vodafone's OneNet Global Enterprise (VOGE) suit is one of the UC solutions that has received a significant amount of positive reviews from both businesses using it and industry commentators. The UK telecom giant maintained that standardization was key to the success of its One Net offerings, which is claimed to be currently used by some 3.5 million users worldwide.
  • Coming & Goings: Vertical Communications Names David Krietzberg CFO
    Vertical Communications, a provider of business unified communications (UC) and business telephony, has announced that it has appointed David Krietzberg as its new chief financial operator in the wake of a merger with Fulton Communications.

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