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Alice Clayton Straight is an award-winning writer and editor. Prior to coming to TMC she spent 11 years with the Journal Register Company, most recently as editor of The Middletown Press. She earned her bachelors from Central Connecticut State University and her masters from Boston University.


Latest Articles

07/12/2010 Apple Releases Four New Ads for FaceTime
07/06/2010 ClearOne Awarded 2010 Unified Communications TMC Labs Innovation Award
07/03/2010 UC Week in Review: Reshaping the Market
06/30/2010 Cisco Announces Android-Based Tablet
06/28/2010 TechCrunch Takes Issue with FCC Tweet
06/26/2010 This Week in UC: New Opportunities in SMB Market
06/19/2010 UC Week in Review: Telepresence Benefits
06/12/2010 This week in UC: Polycom Announcements
06/07/2010 HP Takes Printing to the Clouds
06/04/2010 UC WEEK IN REVIEW: Hot Company
05/28/2010 UC Week in Review: Synching Up iPhone or iPad
05/21/2010 This week in UC: Smartphone Strongmen Challenged
05/18/2010 Google Makes $68.2M Offer for Global IP Solutions
05/14/2010 Unified Communications Week in Review: Cisco Exceeds Expectations; Miller Names Polycom CEO
05/07/2010 UC Week in Review: Apptix Launches Synchronization Tool
05/05/2010 Apptix Launches Active Directory Synchronization Tool
04/30/2010 UC Week in Review: HP, Palm Deal Breaks
04/27/2010 Apptix, Bamboo Web Parts Partner to Advance SharePoint Capabilities
04/26/2010 No Nexus One in U.S.
04/26/2010 Yahoo Services to be Featured on Samsung Phones
04/23/2010 UC Week in Review : Conferencing Takes Centerstage
04/21/2010 Apptix, Echoworx to Support Healthcare and Finance Compliance Needs
04/16/2010 UC Week in Review: Cisco Deal Clears Final Hurdl
04/09/2010 UC Week In Review: Court Dents FCC'S Net Neutrality Cause
04/08/2010 Apptix Hosted Exchange for Apple Launched
04/05/2010 Divvyshot Purchased by Facebook
04/05/2010 Apptix Hosted Exchange for Apple Launched
03/30/2010 Unified Communications Finding a Home in Education, Study Finds
03/29/2010 Rumors Swirl on a Polycom, Siemens Merger
03/29/2010 Despite the Great Recession Unified Message Grew in 2009
03/25/2010 Microsoft Unveils Plans for Communications Server '14'
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Case Studies
Gilbane Company Building
Gilbane works on large construction projects that typically last about 1-3 years. As a result, project trailers need to be equipped with a state-of-the-art phone solution but capital cost constraints prohibit purchasing equipment that will only be used for a few years...
Sable Natural Resources
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Fusion360 & FusionWorks
Fusion offers a 360 degree view of the communications solutions your company needs to succeed. Fusion360 provides you with the stability of a traditional PBX phone system and the advanced unified communications features that only a next generation ...
Fusion offers a 360 degree view of the communications solutions your company needs to succeed ...